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Implement and monitor nursing care for clients with acute health problems - Case Study Example

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I would anticipate that the above clinical manifestations would affect his activities of daily living (ADLs) in the sense that he would be having difficulties in accomplishing them. Since he has burns mostly at the left side of his body, he would have difficulties in moving…
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Implement and monitor nursing care for clients with acute health problems
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Download file to see previous pages Harold’s injuries would limit his mobility and would confine him for a while to a bed or to a chair (University of Virginia “Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation). He would likely need assistance for all his activities – from his waking to his sleeping hours.
I would involve Harold’s family in meeting his self-care needs by placing them on shifts. I can ask his wife to sleep in a separate bed, but still be in the same room as her husband in order to assist Harold in his ADLs. However, since Harold’s wife has initial manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease, she cannot be left with Harold for prolonged periods of time. Members of the family can take shifts in helping care for Harold. His children and grandchildren can be asked to assist Harold in performing his ADLs. They can help groom him, assist him to and from the bathroom, and keep him company. This can help ensure that Harold would not be bored and his morale always kept up. This would also ensure that his burns would not get infected or be subjected to further injury. The grandchildren have to be taught the proper ways of assisting and caring for their grandfather by demonstrating to them the proper ways of grooming and assisting in order not to subject Harold to further injuries.
3. Assess metabolism. Burn victims are in a hypermetabolic state. (Hom,, p. 184), which increases their risk for prolonged inflammation, cardiac dysfunction, infection, sepsis, and death (Bankhead “News by Specialty)
1. Explaining to Harold the debridement process – how the procedure would be undertaken, the risks of the procedure, and the ultimate goal of the surgery. This would help reduce the patient’s anxiety and stress about the procedure (Steele,, p. 55).
3. Instructing Harold on what he can expect during the surgery itself. I would explain to Harold why intravenous access will be needed before the surgery; the surgical skin preparations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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