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Promoting Awareness among Clients with Dual Diagnosis - Dissertation Example

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This study “Promoting Awareness among Clients with Dual Diagnosis” would define the concepts of dual diagnosis, implications, mental disorders, drug addiction, and alcoholism. It will establish a set of correlations among primary and immediate variables of dual diagnosis…
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Promoting Awareness among Clients with Dual Diagnosis
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Extract of sample "Promoting Awareness among Clients with Dual Diagnosis"

Download file to see previous pages The primacy and immediacy of a priori and a posteriori implications of dual diagnosis have been subject to a wider perspective-based research effort over the years despite the woeful inadequacy of analytical approaches to the decisive elements in creating awareness among clients facing dual diagnosis. In this instance, the nursing practice has more or less been focused on the client’s immediate needs to overcome the otherwise inescapable consequences of dual diagnosis. Thus the contingency model building effort for a more client-centric approach to dual diagnosis by the nurse and counselor would prevent those implications at least to a certain extent. But nonetheless, there are other causative factors as well that need to be delineated in understanding these implications better (Coombs & Howatt, 2005). As much as a lack of awareness among clients about these implications of dual diagnosis is of critical significance in the nursing practice, inadequate knowledge of probable outcomes in the process of treatment is also of equal significance to the whole exercise. The literature review of this paper is basically determined by the current emphasis on topical causative factors in dual diagnosis and the implications thereof. As a corollary, the consequences of such dual diagnosis too would be considered and this literature review would delineate the learning outcomes related to the symbiotic relationship between the nurse/counselor and the patient as an ultimate cohesive approach to contingency model building effort (Freshwater & Bishop, 2004). The lack of awareness among the majority of clients about dual diagnosis and its implications signifies a particular aspect of this symbiotic relationship. Recent research on the subject has sought to focus considerable attention on the obvious links between dual diagnosis and the patient’s limited access to proper counseling and nursing (Soloman, Zimberg & Shollar, editors, 1993). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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