Effects of healthcare reform in america on women and children - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The reader or audience would be those vulnerable groups in need of insurance such as pregnant women and children. The author would be the student expressing his/ her perspectives on the subject,…
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Effects of healthcare reform in america on women and children
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"Effects of healthcare reform in america on women and children"

Download file to see previous pages Children and women may not receive this scarce health insurance cover, since they may not be in full-time employment, and even as dependents do not receive the benefits.
The specific groups of people interested in this issue are those who do not receive health care insurance in most cases. These are women, particularly pregnant women, and children. The numbers of uninsured children have risen, with the implementation of welfare reforms and reduction of welfare rolls (Patel & Rushefsky, 2006). Most children and many women are eligible for health insurance only as dependents of a parent’s or spouse’s employment-based insurance, and often do not receive insurance coverage. With increasing numbers of single women responsible for raising their children alone, the majority of them are working part-time and at inadequately paid jobs. From this emerges the issues of increasing poverty and poor health among women and children, which need to be addressed by the government.
Further, health care policy and reform efforts are frequently unsuccessful due to lack of assessment (Kronenfeld, 2004). Particularly in the area of children and low-income pregnant women, automatic assessments of the effectiveness of state efforts to enroll people needs to be improved. Additionally, a continued evaluation of assessment methods is required to be undertaken.
NRC (1996) has stated particular constraints that influence how these vulnerable groups: women and children, feel about the issue. These include: policy reforms should not pit the comparatively small health care needs of this population against other groups and health care demands. Besides the predominant financial obstacles, other barriers include inadequate provision of health care facilities particularly in inner cities and rural communities. Moreover, overall improvements will be needed in several other areas such as education, vocational training, employment, housing, civic amenities, family ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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