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World History/ World War 1 and the long term effects - Essay Example

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With the beginning of the twentieth century much progress and development had taken place around the world and there was an outward maintenance of peace but the roots of war lay within because every country was now searching for more power. This war was given the name of the…
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World History/ World War 1 and the long term effects
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Extract of sample "World History/ World War 1 and the long term effects"

World War I With the beginning of the twentieth century much progress and development had taken place around the world and there was an outward maintenance of peace but the roots of war lay within because every country was now searching for more power. This war was given the name of the World War because after the war began major nations of the world all around the map became involved in one way or another and it laid long term effects on the entire world.
The signs of democracy rose after the world war and major nations of the world became democratic. But the movement of communism in Russia strengthened. There were changes in borders which included the breaking of Austrian Hungary Empire into small states which included Finland, Hungary and Austria. On the other hand there was the formation of Yugoslavia when Serbia became united with the Serbs and Slavs. There have been many changes in the borders of this state to present day but the initiation was done after this war. This war led to the recognition of industrial unions and it was from here that protests by peasants and laborers under forums began. Women’s rights got a great boost from this war. They were granted the right to vote by Britain and the trend seemed to be followed. It was from this war that the employment of women was seen. Though there was a great decline in this employment as well as the wages given to them after the war ended but it laid the roots for the future employment rights of the women. This war put the whole of the world into not only financial losses but also losses of millions of lives was there. The great depression followed this war which can be counted as a black period because this was a major economic crisis all around the world which took years for revival of the major economies. With the dark days of the war there was a great impact on the field of art and theatre. Different forms of art which included abstract, Dadaism and surrealism emerged and same was the case with writing, music and architecture. It was from here the concept of huge steel towers came up.
If world war one would have not occurred there would have been a very different scenario. The changes in the borders that followed the war would not have occurred. The feeling of nationalism was created after this war which led to the uprising in the colonies. If the war would not have happened, these colonies would have stayed longer with the European powers that controlled and ruled them. The concept of sole superpowers upon which the whole world relies now would have also not come up. This war gave the nations a realization for the creation of strong allies and this trend goes on till today around the world. A very important thing which could have been delayed or possibly avoided was the creation of weapons of mass destruction and different types of warfare weapons which included poisonous gases and tanks. This war laid down the ground for the world war two. Thus we can conclude that this war left long lasting effects and the dreadful things that happened around the globe like the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki could have been avoided if this war had not taken place. Read More
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World History/ World War 1 and the Long Term Effects Essay.
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