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The global climate has been significantly affected, due to the release of green house gases, such as carbon dioxide. The stratospheric ozone layer has…
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Enviormental Science
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of the of the of the The Difficulties Inherent in Dealing with Environmental Problems Increasing population and unprecedented technological progress have enabled man to wreak havoc on the environment of the earth. The global climate has been significantly affected, due to the release of green house gases, such as carbon dioxide. The stratospheric ozone layer has been irreparably damaged by chlorofluorocarbons and other harmful gases manufactured by an uncaring industrial world. The very food that a person consumes comprises of harmful pesticides and organic pollutants that are persistent. These toxic substances have seriously impaired the immune system and hormonal balance of all living creatures, including man (DAHL).
Several policies have been proposed to reduce the harm being done to the environment. The chief problem arises on account of the developing countries being unable to implement these practices. Some of the reasons for non – implementation are the absence of capability, money and resources; indifference; and the social and political situation. Most of the developing countries have adopted policies that effectively address environmental problems. However, implementation of such policies is not up to the mark, in several of the developing nations. A number of the policy objectives of a nation grant greater emphasis to economic development, and environmental considerations are relegated to the background. This has to change and these nations have to be forced to promote the protection of the environment (Global Environment Outlook (GEO-4): Chapter 10).
It has been considered complex to deal with the environmental problem. This is on account of the fact that this problem is not restricted to any single nation. Close collaboration amongst the nations is essential, in order to contain this problem. As such, no nation should be allowed to plead lack of resources, administrative capacity or conflict of national interests, as excuses for not protecting the environment. Protection of the environment should assume paramountcy over the narrow interests of any individual nation.

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Enviormental Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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