Sucess and Dissapointment Stories - Assignment Example

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Time and priority management can be compromised by personal commitments. I was running out of time on an assignment that was earmarked…
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Sucess and Dissapointment Stories
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SUCCESS STORY No Conflict of Interest. STORY: April 2009 FULL STORY: Completing assignments at home is an onerous responsibility and can often conflict with other non-related responsibilities. Time and priority management can be compromised by personal commitments. I was running out of time on an assignment that was earmarked for submission within a few hours. Just as I was about to start the assignment, I realized that my pet cat was missing and was immediately conflicted. My first thoughts were for my cat and the possibility that she could be wandering about the neighborhood and could be injured, stolen or even killed if I did not find her at once. However, I realized that looking for her could take several hours and I would miss my assignment deadline with unpleasant consequences for my academic success. I finally decided that I would complete my assignment and then commit as much time as I needed to finding my cat. I rationalized that if I set about looking for my cat first I could end up not finding my cat and also failing my class. However, if I completed my assignment and submitted it on time, I could at least be assured of at least one successful task. Moreover, if I never found my cat, I would suffer for a while but I would recover eventually. But if I failed my class, it would have far reaching consequences for my future career. In other words, proportionality won out in the end. I completed my paper and submitted it on time. Relieved of the pressure of time constraints I was able to freely look for my cat and did in fact find her and bring her home.
STORY SUMMARY: Prioritizing time and resources can be difficult when one relies on self-discipline and there is no external supervision. In the scenario described above I had to consider proportionality with respect to long-term consequences of prioritizing one task over the other. By taking this approach I was able to manage my time and resources productively and ended up accomplishing both tasks.
These are the skills I demonstrated in this success:
Transferrable Skills:
Self-Discipline: The ability to manage time and resources productively and effectively.
The ability to perform under pressure.
The ability to put personal feelings aside and focus on an assigned task.
Conflict management skills.
SUCCESS STORY No. 2. Title: The Lost Receipt. DATE OF STORY: June 2008.
FULL STORY: I purchased a wireless mouse for my computer and after only a few days it stopped working altogether. Unfortunately, I had disposed of the original packaging and could not find my receipt evidencing its purchase. I telephoned the retail store and explained my dilemma, but was informed that without a receipt, I would not be able to return the product unless it was credit or debit card purchase. Since the transaction had been made by cash, I had no chance of returning the defective mouse. Even so, I went to the store myself and asked for an audience with the store’s manager. Once again, I explained my dilemma and was likewise informed that in the circumstances I was not entitled to return the product. Not willing to give up without trying a little harder, I asked the manager to examine the product so that he could see for himself that the mouse had no external injuries. I also asked him if it made sense for me to attempt to return the product and request an exchange for an exact model at his store if I had acquired it from another source. He agreed that it made no sense at all unless I had purchased the product from his store. I then asked him if he could check his records to verify the authenticity of my claim that I purchased the product on June 2nd for the sum of $56. If his records reflected those particulars then there was only one way that I could know of such a sale and that is if I was present on that day at that time the sale was made. Moreover, since I had the exact same product in my possession, the chances were good that I was the purchaser and such proof of purchase was as good as producing a receipt. The manager relented, checked his records, printed a receipt for me and permitted the exchange.
STORY SUMMARY: Conventional store policies do not permit exchange of products purchased by cash unless the purchase is evidenced by a receipt. However, in the absence of a receipt, a little extra leg work can go a long way to persuading store managers to break convention. The morale of the story is that, proof of purchase is the main objective of store policies. If proof of purchase can be presented other than the physical production of a receipt, product exchanges can be made.
These are the skills I demonstrated in this success:
Transferrable Skills:
Powers of persuasion.
Effective communication skills.
Problem solving skills.
Commitment to an objective.
Not giving up without a fight.
Success driven.
DISSAPOINTMENT STORY TITLE: Ignoring Warning Signs. DATE OF STORY: September 2008.
FULL STORY: I had just collected my car from the mechanics after a routine service and maintenance treatment. After driving for a few miles I noticed the gear shifting appeared to be growing a bit tighter as time and distance went by. I was only a few miles away from home and was focused on achieving that goal and simply ignored what appeared to be a growing problem with the gear. At one point I heard a loud grinding sound when I shifted the gear and decided to ignore that too, hoping that it would not happen again. Moments later it happened again and I contemplated telephoning the mechanics who had serviced my car but quickly brushed the thought aside and continued on my journey. As I continued on my journey, the gears grew increasingly harder to shift and the grinding continued with more tenacity and frequency. Since I was almost home, I decided to just drive home and call the mechanic once I got home. But this was not to be. Moments later, there was a thunderous pop and my car stopped completely and smoke was pouring out of the hood. I telephoned the mechanics and they eventually came to my rescue. After examining the car, the lead mechanic informed me that it appeared that the oil plug had not been placed in the engine by one of his workers after the oil had been changed. As a result the car had lost its oil and the engine had been completely burnt out. Had I called the mechanics the first time the problem manifested itself, I would have saved my engine.
RESULTS ACHIEVED: The mistake was ultimately the mechanics’ and the engine was replaced free of charge to me.
RESULTS NOT ACHIEVED: Since the extensive damages to the car could have been avoided had I contacted the mechanics immediately after the first signs of trouble occurred, the mechanics refused to provide me with a replacement vehicle. I ended up being without a car for a couple of weeks.
MY DISAPPOINTMEN LEARNING: I learned that warning signs typically mean that action is required immediately. In no circumstances should one respond to warning signs by simply ignoring them because warning signs typically mean that something problematic is about to occur. Confronting the problem head on and immediately will usually prevent more extensive damages and can eradicate the problem altogether. It was a hard learned lesson, but a lasting and valuable one all the same. Read More
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