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Sensys Networks Inc is a California-based company specializing in the production of the Sensys Wireless Vehicle Detection System, a traffic congestion reduction system. The product uses intelligent transportation system and “small, in-ground sensors” which “sends unique…
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Research in Sensys and competitor analysis
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HERE HERE YOUR HERE HERE Sensys Network Inc Contacts Sensys Networks Inc is a California-based company specializing in the production of the Sensys Wireless Vehicle Detection System, a traffic congestion reduction system. The product uses intelligent transportation system and “small, in-ground sensors” which “sends unique vehicle information through a wireless link for data collection, control and aggregation” (Sensys Networks, Inc. ). The Sensys Wireless Vehicle Detection System provides information such as aggregate count of vehicles, occupancy and speed. The company also offers the Sensys Arterial Travel Time Solution which is “the first solution to overcome these complications (on arterial roadways) and deliver dependable arterial travel time and volume data while not presenting any privacy concerns” (Sensys Networks, Inc. ). Sensys Networkc Inc is located at 2560 Ninth Street, Suite 219 Berkeley, CA 94710. The company provides contacts to their different departments such as a dealer, a human resource representatives, sales representatives and technical support representatives.
Competitor Analysis
Because the nature of the business’ products are so new and innovative, there are not a great deal of competitors in this marketplace. One major competitor is the Southwest Research Institute, who is involved in developing, implementation, and maintenance of similar traffic-related technologies, such as their Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). This research institute has been developing ITS technologies and other support systems since 1992, giving them somewhat of a competitive edge when it comes to development of such innovative software. This represents a threat to Sensys Networks, as with the growth of federal interest in the deployment of ITS software, Sensys Networks must develop more quality marketing to make their own ITS products and other traffic-related software systems more competitive in pricing and in offering support and maintenance of these systems.
The Intelligent Transport Systems Society is composed of those that utilize “synergistic technologies and systems engineering concepts to develop and improve transportation systems of all kinds” ( Intelligent Transportation Systems Society). The ITSS works hand in hand with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Together with IEEE, ITSS sponsors conferences and symposium on electrical and electronics engineering and information technologies. Apparently, the ITS-IEEE partnership is still on the rise as they continuously sponsor conferences until 2009. The IEEE is also considered the leading professional association for the advancement of technology. Tied up to such a company makes ITSS more formidable. This then poses a great threat to Sensys Technologies.
Additionally, the Southwest Research Institute appears to be much more innovative than Sensys Networks as they have already developed workable and marketable systems such as license plate recognition, various closed-circuit television monitoring on highway systems, and also weather sensors which give real-time data to monitoring officials of these ITS systems. This is yet another business risk to Sensys Networks, which has only been in business for six years, thus developers at the Southwest Research Institute have already established a stronger brand name and a better reputation in technology marketplaces. This better reputation, from the buyer’s perspective, would make Southwest Research Institute products the products of choice for many external buyers, including federal or state governments. Sensys Networks, as an opportunity for outperforming this competition, could focus more strongly on sales and marketing promotions to build a positive image for the business, improve public or buyer relations, and reinforce why Sensys Networks ITS products (or other traffic-oriented technologies) is the better product advantage over their more seasoned competition.
Another competitor is TransCore, a company which has developed various radio frequency identification systems to monitor and track the movements of freight carriers across the country. Additionally, TransCore has also developed their own version of Intelligent Transportation Systems technologies, giving this business yet another advantage through their coordinated technology systems related to traffic and highway systems. Essentially, TransCore can not only sell the in-pavement monitoring systems, but also the technologies needed for installation in vehicles for vehicle-to-vehicle communications.
IBM has also developed similar tracking technology for logistics and develops highway sensors which are utilised to improve highway infrastructure and traffic congestion problems. IBM is a major competitor with strengths in positive brand reputation and also due to their vast financial resources at their disposal, another competitive risk for Sensys.
Competitor Contacts
Southwest Research Institute is located in San Antonio, Texas and can be reached at (210) 522-3814 via the Intelligent Transportation Systems Department. TransCore, their other competitor, is located at 8158 Adams Drive, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania at 717-561-2400. This contact information reaches TransCore’s corporate headquarters. IBM is located at 1 New Orchard Rd., Armonk, NY at 914-499-1900. On the other hand, the ITS-IEEE partnership website is at
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