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Classification - 'Life's A Door' - Essay Example

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Although teachers are paid less than professional athletes like Shaquille O’Neil or singers like Michael Jackson (may he rest in peace) they plan an incredibly important role in…
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Classification Essay - Lifes A Door
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"Classification - 'Life's A Door'"

Download file to see previous pages What’s important, and something that we frequently forget, is that professors have personalities as well as their own lives outside of the classroom. Yes, believe it or not, professors have their own lives and some even their own families! Professors do not exist on this planet solely to lecture, scold and fail students . While the personalities of professors are varied, this research essay seeks to demystify the illusive Fordham University professor personality. This classification essay thus endeavors to place things systematically into categories and endeavor to discover the larger patterns of professors’ personalities by grouping ideas and concepts together. What does our classification of professor’s doors reveal about professors? The following will explore this important question with an eye to understanding the illusive personalities of Fordham University professors.
Exploring the hallways of our University, I stumbled across a wide array of information on the doors of professors which led me to hesitantly conclude that yes, professors at our esteemed institute of higher education do have personalities! In the United States professors often seem preoccupied with lectures, exams and securing necessary funding for research projects. Little do we – the students – know that our professors have vibrant and often eccentric personalities. Looking at the eclectic doors of the professors of Fordham University, I had the opportunity to understand a little bit about what inspires professors and makes them tick. Exploring the doors of professors I determined that professionalism and humor were key to uncovering the personalities of professors. Following this, inspirational sayings were another important characteristic of the doors of profs as they sought to inspire the student body. Finally, unabashed departmental promotion was a characteristic which was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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