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Creation of a navigation system for impaired hearing persons - Essay Example

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In this they will provide us valuable information and feedbacks regarding the system needs and requirements and operational satisfaction. This entire information will help…
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Creation of a navigation system for impaired hearing persons
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"Creation of a navigation system for impaired hearing persons"

Download file to see previous pages This report has outlined some of the main stages, their requirements, operational needs, and other valuable details. I hope this research will offer a brief idea of development of navigational system for impaired hearing people. 5
A lot of people have hearing problems. In addition, a number of people have difficulties to discover their way back home or to other places by foot. Until now, there are lots of products available for both problems, however there are no such systems or devices, which are resolving both difficulties at the same time. So, I have decided to develop a navigation system for impaired hearing persons. This report will provide a brief introduction of different aspects of navigation system development for hearing impaired persons.
The development of the system will started after collecting the system main development requirements. In this phase we will require to conduct a detailed analysis of overall system development requirements analysis. For this task we need to take requirements through an extremely carefully way. This involves the better understanding of the main problems and difficulties faced by these people and needs for the system for their movement and navigation within specific areas. For this purpose we need to conduct detailed interviews, analytical studies, and surveys for collecting the main requirements from impaired hearing people.
This process will be most sensitive area or phase of this system development process. This will involve the designing of system for hearing impaired persons, which will offer them better and automatic navigation all through their way. This area will require extensive user interface designing and interaction research. This system will need a special type of system that involves the enhanced user interface specially designed for hearing impaired persons. This will involve some special treatment for the people who have less number are interaction means to world. Here we will add some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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