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(2009). Drug War Chronicle, 5 August, Retrieved on October 18, 2009, from
Reliability: Angeis Reid is a…
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Research Report
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"Research Report"

Download file to see previous pages findings of leading Canadian organization like Angus Reid Strategies poll, the total number of people supporting legalization of cannabis usage in Canada is much higher than the people who are opposing it. The research, which was mainly conduced among the Canadian adults, especially in the region of British Columbia, has found that, “65% favored legalizing marijuana as a means of reducing gang violence, while only 35% favored increasing marijuana trafficking penalties.” (Canada: Two-Thirds of British Columbia Voters Favor Legalizing Marijuana, Poll Finds”, 5th August, 2009) Gang violence and other forms of criminal activisms are major concerns both for Canadian administration as well as for common people. Due to this reason some people are of opinion that legalization of marijuana will reduce the youths from indulging into this kind of antisocial activities. On the other hand, others are of opinion that implementation of proper penalties is the only solution to solve this problem. Legalization of marijuana will only worsen the whole situation.
This article by Peter BeckI has also been written in support of marijuana legalization in Canada. Unlike Ian Welsh, the author has not gone into balancing his arguments between economic and socio-moral perspective. It seems that his entire interest lies in the fact that how Canada can become a more economically prosperous nation. As he has found that legalization of Cannabis will help Canadian economy substantially, he accordingly has come up with his logically correct arguments.
Canada: Two-Thirds of British Columbia Voters Favor Legalizing Marijuana, Poll Finds. (2009). Drug War Chronicle, Issue #584. Retrieved on October 18, 2009, from
This article provides us with quite recent and authentic information about recent Canadian condition on legalization of marijuana. We not only receive adequate information about reaction of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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