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It is important, especially considering the continuous increase in the energy costs. For example, the use of energy saving fluorescent bulbs instead of the energy…
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Energy Resource Plan
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Running Head: ENERGY RESOURCE PLAN Topic: Energy Resource Plan Lecturer: Presentation: Introduction Energy conservation is the practice of ensuring that the energy being consumed on a daily basis is reduced. It is important, especially considering the continuous increase in the energy costs. For example, the use of energy saving fluorescent bulbs instead of the energy consuming incandescent ones helps in reducing electricity expenses. On the other hand, the non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuel continue to be depleted, which will translate in to higher energy costs in future. Production of energy, for example the oil refineries amongst other energy production systems pollute the environment through emission of green house gases in to the atmosphere, which adversely affects humans and animals through climate change and health related issues (Carlson 2005).
Renewable vs. Nonrenewable Energy
The renewable energy includes the energy sources that can be that can be used over and over again. It includes energy sources such as solar, geothermal, wave and wind energy, amongst other self-sustaining alternative energy sources. However, in order for renewable energy to be sufficient, large amounts of sources need to be harnessed, since they produce a relatively little energy. In other words the ratio of the energy produced to the energy source harnessed is relatively small compared to the non- renewable energy, whereby a small amount of the energy source produces substantial amount of energy. However, once used, these sources are irreplaceable (Schaeffer 2007). These include coal and petroleum products amongst others. They are a major cause of environmental degradation through emission of green house gases in to the atmosphere, and water pollution through oil spills as well as land degradation through mining of coal.
Methods to Conserve and Help the Environment
The first and most important thing that each person ought to do in order to conserve the environment is to minimize the use of non-renewable energy. This will help in reducing the rate of environmental degradation through energy production from non-renewable sources. This can be accomplished through the use of solar energy for lighting, wind energy, and natural gas among other renewable energy sources. Electrical appliances, especially the air conditioners, refrigerators and lighting should remain switched off whenever they are not needed. People should also use energy efficient equipment such as less fuel consuming vehicles or the use of bicycles instead of vehicles that consume high energy as well as emitting green house gases to the environment. People should also insulate their living rooms more in order to minimize heating during winter (Bishop 2008).
Government Efforts
The government has a major role to play regarding energy conservation. It can help citizens to conserve energy through subsidizing taxes on the energy efficient appliances. Tax subsidies can also be given to the industries and businesses that conserve energy in their operations. This is an important factor that can motivate organizations to use less energy, hence conserve the environment. It can also promote the use of non-renewable energy through facilitating investors who are willing to engage in the production of electricity from the non renewable sources (Carlson 2005). It should spearhead the sensitization of people regarding the importance of energy conservation.
Energy conservation is important for the environment. The use of renewable energy is the most convenient way of energy conservation. This is energy that can be obtained from the same sources over and over again. It is different from the use of non-renewable energy which can not be replaced once used. The non renewable energy causes environmental degradation. Every person can play a part in energy conservation, thereby conserving the environment. The government can also play a major role in promoting the conservation of energy by individuals as well as organization. Let us conserve energy for the good of our environment.
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