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Changes in marketing of beer - Assignment Example

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In history the origin of beer can be traced down to the cultivation of grains and cereals by man and the adventurous streak in mankind to experiment with…
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Changes in marketing of beer
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Download file to see previous pages but now it is primarily made from barley (Hornsey, pg. 14). Hops are another ingredient which imparts a characteristic flavour to beer. Beer usually has a low level of alcohol (7-13%) compared to hard liquors like whiskey, gin or rum and is usually taken undiluted and in a chilled state which makes it convenient as well as easy to drink without the risk of high inebriation. This is the reason of its popularity hence making it a popular product both for the manufacturer as well as the consumer.
During the 1950-60s the world was in a rebuilding process after the Second World War and countries in Europe were re-establishing their economic and business infrastructure. In fact the whole world was affected by the aftermaths of war and businesses including the brewery industries had not spread beyond the national boundaries. The United States of America was the only country where business had thrived up to some extent during the war. Hence most of the advertising campaigns seen for beer mostly come from that part of the world. Some of the popular advertisements were in the form of short television clips which correlated beer drinking with hard work ( The video site shows a number of popular beer advertisements and jingles of that era. Most of the videos incorporate glamour, adventure, outdoor life and humour in the advertisements and eulogise the quality of different brands. Some of the popular brands of that era include Budweiser, Altoona, Old Tavern, Lone Star, Falstaff, C.I.O., Golden Gate, Coors, etc. ( Product designs were though quite creative and impressive even in that era and showed a lot of ingenuity with liberal use of glamour which went into beer advertising. A lot of memorabilia like badges, crockery, souvenirs’, etc. were put up on sale which promoted particular brands and kept reminding the collectors about the qualities ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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