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Suggest and discuss some possible solutions to the problem of adult obesity - Essay Example

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But the extent to which this problem extended was only limited, however in the recent years the problem has turned into an epidemic. The problem is caused by the individuals by themselves or is at times…
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Suggest and discuss some possible solutions to the problem of adult obesity
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"Suggest and discuss some possible solutions to the problem of adult obesity"

Download file to see previous pages The problem of obesity can only be curbed by the help of individuals and their concern for their health. In order to decrease the problem I would with my friends aware the obese individuals of their problem. This would make them conscious about their health and thus they would automatically follow the methods to avoid obesity as laid out by the government. Secondly I would give out charts of certain products which have the most calories in them. This would help the individuals to realize which products are healthy and which non healthy. Thirdly I with my friends would promote certain exercises amongst the obese individuals which would make them get rid of their problem. The exercises which I would promote would not be strenuous so the obese people are attracted towards them. Further after doing these exercises the obese people would be able to get rid of their problem ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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