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I like to conduct some research on racism keeping in consideration the short story “Sonny’s Blues”. The short story talks about darkness and suffering in Black people’s life…
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Comp Research Proposal
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COMP 111 __________________ Research Paper Proposal (20 points) Due: Friday, Oct. 9 Please write your answers to the following on this form, using the back if necessary. You must also attach two source-notes (for secondary sources).
1) What will the general subject matter of your paper be (e.g. male and female language in Trifles, silence in Emily Dickinson’s poetry, motherhood and class in “I Stand Here Ironing,” etc.)?
The general subject matter of my paper will be racism in 20th century America in Sonny’s Blues. I like to conduct some research on racism keeping in consideration the short story “Sonny’s Blues”. The short story talks about darkness and suffering in Black people’s life due to which, they feel neglected and painful. I want to elaborate the topic of racism in 20th century America with the help of an analysis of Sonny’s Blues.
2) What questions will guide your research?
How James Baldwin elaborates the issue of racism in 20th century America in Sonny’s Blues?
What symbolism is used in Sonny’s Blues to indicate any racist thoughts?
Why did Sonny and his family suffer and what were the reasons?
What were the aftereffects of racism in 20th century America?
3) What point do you want to argue about the subject matter above? In other words, what is your tentative thesis? (State it in a clear sentence or two. For example, “Tillie Olsen’s ‘I Stand Here Ironing’ shows that poverty makes it impossible for women to be ‘good’ mothers.” Or, “Although seemingly very different plays, both Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman and Susan Glaspell’s Trifles insist that men and women need to speak the same language or risk destruction of the family.”)
James Baldwin indicates towards the issue of racism and suffering caused to Black people by the help of symbolism in Sonny’s Blues.
4) Please brainstorm a list of the types of factual information you’d like to see early on. (For example, information on American history, current statistics on single mothers and poverty, diagnosis and treatment of hysteria.)
I would like to know the following types of factual information:
American history
Racism in America
20th Century America
Works done by Black writers
Articles and essays written on racism
Problems faced because of racism
Harlem Renaissance
Any other articles and essays written on Sonny’s Blues
5) As you begin your searches of the library catalog and databases, what terms do you imagine you’ll want to search with to start finding good books and articles on your topic?
Racism in America
Racism in 20th century America
Sonny’s Blues
Racism in Sonny’s Blues
Symbolism in Sonny’s Blues
Essays on Racism in America
Harlem Renaissance
Critical writings on Sonny’s Blues Read More
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