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Racism Still Exists in America - Essay Example

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This paper will discuss the thesis that racism still exists in America. For a long time, America has been faced with racism. This form of social discrimination continues to exist despite the many campaigns against it. In fact, it keeps increasing. While the people of America make forward steps in fighting racism, others would pull them back…
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Racism Still Exists in America
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"Racism Still Exists in America"

Download file to see previous pages Facts about racism would be well understood among the Americans if it would be considered for what it really is; an institutional ideology, according to CNN which reported that “racism is like a virus that has mutated into a new form that we don’t recognize”. There is more to racism than personal hatred. It refers to the belief that a group of people, identified by unique biological make up are superior to other groups with different biological make up. The President of Catholic Charities USA, Synder further indicates that racism refers to “unearned advantage, conferred dominance, and invisible privilege enjoyed by white Americans, to the detriment, burden, and disadvantage of people of color” (8). The superior group would thus be allowed to rule economically and socially over the groups considered to be weaker.
The situation has been made worse in America due to the many action plans that have been started in the recent past to fight racism in the country. Since the times of Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955 to the 1965 Selma March led by Martin Luther King, the relations were assumed to be headed towards improvement. With every move forward, the country appeared to be moving backwards in achieving genuine racial reconciliation. In the 20th Century, racism was mainly between the Blacks and the Whites. However, with the immigration of people from different parts of the world into the country, racism now includes hostility among people from different cultures....
Effects of racism Synder (11) acknowledges that the privileged status of being white did not just happen accidentally. This had been constructed through time, through social policies, procedures and institutions which deliberately developed a system that promoted the white Americans’ welfare while greatly hindering opportunities for people of color. Racism has caused people from other cultures in America to despise their own cultures in favor of Americanism. Alvarez (37) describes her personal experience in America, having emigrated from Dominican Republic where beauty was synonymous with all women. In America, however, beauty was reserved for American girls only. Women from other races would not enjoy what Synders (5) describes as white privileges but would always be socially discriminated due to their different biological traits. This was well demonstrated with the airing of Miss America beauty pageant where Julia Alvarez and her sisters were portrayed to admire being American girls to be considered beautiful. The beauty pageant show presented Americanism as desirable and made people from other races appreciate the American blue eyes and blonde hair while despising their biological traits. Such discrimination in beauty contests enhanced racism in the American society. Among the major indications of racism, or otherwise white privilege include economic advantage which has been reserved for the white Americans through public policy and also through political power over years. Racism results into economic burden and disadvantages people of color. Take for instance the institution of slavery. Slavery was just a means to exploit labor where African slaves would be used to create ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Institutional racism in america
“Institutions can respond to Blacks and Whites differently. Institutional behaviour can injure Blacks, and when it does, it is racist in outcome, if not in intent” (Randall, 2009). The absence of a labor party, weak labor unions and fragmented governmental systems etc are often mentioned as the evidences of institutional racism in America.
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The researcher of the paper states that the history of racism is interconnected with the history of colonization and slavery. The writer highlights that racism leads to prejudice, discrimination, segregation, forced labor and slavery. Besides, racism curbs the development of a multicultural/multiracial society.
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Racism in America Today
ehaviors are indirectly acted out as opposed to the earlier times, when it took the forms of oppression like colonization and slavery. The more prevalent models of racism include subtle intolerant behaviors: exploitation, hatred, racial supremacy. These include cases where blacks are considered criminal suspects, as opposed to white Americans.
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Racism in the United States of America had emerged as a most important concern ever since the “colonial era.” Traditionally, the nation has been subjugated by a colonizer culture of devotedly and culturally assorted “Whites.” The heaviest loads of racism in America have previously plunged upon “Native Americans, African Americans" and else.
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Institutional Racism
Racism serves to both discriminate against ethnic minorities and to maintain advantages and benefits for majorities. Some examples of racism are obvious, such as graffiti, ethnic "jokes", or physical violence. Unfortunately, problems of racism are often ignored because people do not know how to deal with them.
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The term 'Institutional Racism' was introduced by Carmichael and Hamilton in 1968 and they saw it as 'an analytical tool to examine how institutions can operate along racist lines without acknowledging or even recognising this.' Institutional Racism is connected with organisations and institutions and is unconnected with individualistic views or behaviour.
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Both these women had been facing racism and had a very different way of reacting to it. Bessie would respond to the racist comments while Sadie would ignore them. Even though, they lived together they are very different from each other. Their way of handling
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