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Love is like the wildfire. When love is intermingled with religious injections and sentiments, it turns out to be an inferno that engulfs the society. Does sentimental love have no place in the women’s liberation movement? These are the…
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I love you Rosa
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Religious sentiments are just like fire! Love is like the wildfire. When love is intermingled with religious injections and sentiments, it turns out to be an inferno that engulfs the society. Does sentimental love have no place in the women’s liberation movement? These are the difficult questions answered in the movie I Love You, Rosa by Moishe Mizrahi. The answers provided are realistic. The story stands the test of the situations in which the characters are paced in.
The foundation for the movie-script is from the Old Testament Law. It is about an unusual love affair (or love-cum-duty affair!) of the 1880s, set in Jerusalem. An 11-year old Jewish boy’s love for his young, widowed sister-in-law! A writer-director can do more justice to the strength and originality of the movie than a professional director. For, a writer-director puts his heart and soul of the story, in the minutest details of direction. A religious theme has been tackled in a professional style without bias, fear or favor. He doesn’t bind the viewer and causes stress, with tension-producing interpretations, of religious revelations. “His story, unfolded mostly through a flashback, derives from the tenets in Deuteronomy on the duty of a man to marry his brothers widow as well as those involving the widows rights if shes refused. His hero, even under ancient law, is too young to marry, but he jumps at the chance to live with the sister-in-law he adores despite the opposition of his family and the taunts and attacks of friends and neighbors.” (Movie Review….)
The strongest character is the determined widow. Notwithstanding the ridicule and criticism she faces by the community leaders, she sticks to her position, she understands the affection of the 11 year young boy, but rejects him as her husband. Rosa, who has a progressive outlook, is not interested in either child-rearing or remarriage. Her rejection is strong and humiliating for the boy as she shoos him away. The boy still loves her and his sacrifice for his love is genuine, (they say, true love doesn’t expects to be loved back), he frees her from her religious commitment. In the end, she decides to marry him.
The main characters in the movie are, Michal Bat-Adam, is the stalwart Roza, Gabi Otterman does the role of the boy torn apart and confused by tough and difficult-to-challenge religious beliefs. Avner Chezkiyahu is the understanding and affectionate rabbi, Yosef Shiloah is the widow’s suitor and the boy’s employer, who is trying to take undue advantage in a difficult situation.
Usually a topic of the folklore, this has been brilliantly handled by Mizrahi. He has deep understanding of the characters and they stand for a particular aspect of the socio-spiritual conditions of the era. The photography is good and interesting and one can see ancient Jerusalem. It is an experience of a sentimental journey for the Jews viewing this movie from different parts of the world. This movie is produced by Noah Films, in the year 1972 in Israel. The runtime of the color film is 90 minutes.
A delicate socio-spiritual subject has been well-handled by Moishe Mizrahi. An intriguing piece from the Old Testament has been picked up by him. As the story develops, it becomes poignant, but successfully tackles the border of sentimentalism. The realistic base of the story holds on well and the captures the interest of the viewers throughout. The characters render full justice to their respective roles.
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