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And You Are you Against Love - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: … And You? Are you Against Love? Love exists in the form of passion which requires no sustenance effort. Kipnis’ view of true love is that it exists only as pure passion, and if work is required to sustain it, then it is not true love…
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And You Are you Against Love
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Extract of sample "And You Are you Against Love"

Download file to see previous pages "We happen to like being married!" (Kipnis 22). This, according to her, should be the face of marriage apart from the current states where rules and expectations have ruined the sense of it all. One should not be subjected to involuntary work and expectation just so as to maintain that passionate love condition. She views the existence of love and passion towards one another as an independent aspect of human will and deliberation. As such, the rest of the outcome of this should be just as so. She even goes ahead to objectify adultery in marriage insinuating that it is a result of the modern corrupt love relations. Marriage is an institution that introduces work and possible stressful events to love and passion. In marriage, one has to work and follow certain expected rules and conform to your partner’s expectations without fail, such as washing the utensils, not sleeping on the couch, and proper bed manners, among others. According to her, “If marriage is just another kind of work, where does pleasure come in?” (Kipnis 25). The freedom of normal conduct of comfort does not exist, and one has to try and act in accordance with their partner’s needs in marriage. One thus has to strain and conduct themselves in certain mannerisms that one would otherwise not have considered a necessity. Marriage entails to a lot of work to make it work, and sometimes it may fail. This is as a result of being human and tiring or boredom from such excessive work may come in and the sailing becomes bumpy. According to Kipnis, this is the stage where factors such as adultery come in failing the institution of marriage destroying the existence of a once true love and passion. Marriage is worth effort as is love and passion. This can be seen in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet where Juliet says; “There rust, and let me die” (57) and then stabs herself. This shows a desire to be together where parties would do anything for love to manifest to marriage. Fighting, conflicting and effort to be together conflicts with the views of Kipnis who views love as worth but marriage not so much the same. We can also use Shakespeare’s example with Juliet when she says; “Go, get thee hence, for I will not away” (59) as she refuses to be intimidated. This shows in evident the lengths that couples in love can go to manifest this love to marriage element that Kipnis is against. It goes ahead to show that, with the existence of love, the institution of marriage is secure against such evils as adultery as all they require is each other. The occurrence of passion, attraction and love is in itself a deliberated effort. It is also true to say that for there to emerge the existence of this attraction and love, there is still work needed. Once any person becomes attracted to another, there must be a physical entity that caused this attraction such as well groomed hair, applied makeup or dressing style, among others. Again, once there is this attraction, what naturally follows is the art of courtship to ascertain love among the two. This is where a lot of work goes into the relationship. This ranges from planning where to meet for dates to what to wear or buy your partner, among others. Therefore, the existence of attraction and love or passion between two people is as a result of a deliberate effort between the two parties (Kipnis 156). This then may lead to marriage between the two. It becomes only logical to continue the efforts and work of feeding your attraction and lo ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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