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Perioperative pratice - Essay Example

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The paper involves a brief understanding of perioperative procedures for a patient scheduled for surgical repair to correct prolapse of the vaginal wall, starting from admission of the patient, assessment of the degree of prolapse, documentation and obtaining consent,…
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Perioperative pratice
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Download file to see previous pages A brief account of the responsibilities of operating room personnel and their functioning has been outlined.
Perioperative care of patient scheduled for surgery includes practices and procedures followed prior to, during, and immediately after the surgery. This begins with a thorough evaluation of the patient’s illness, physical and mental condition, and certain vital statistics. Vaginal wall prolapse occurs due to weakening or damage of supporting structures of the pelvic organs. Prolapse of anterior wall, also known as cystocele, occurs when the bladder protrudes into the centre of anterior wall of the vagina causing stress incontinence, urinary frequency, difficult urination, vaginal bulge, and severe pain. Prolapse of the posterior vaginal wall, known as rectocele, occurs when the rectum and bowel bulge forward (Chamberlain & Browen-Simpson; 2000).
Considering the physical impairment of the patient, she has to be given appropriate comfort level throughout the perioperative care period and this can be accomplished through proper communication, and involves accurate hearing, defining, organizing, interpreting, managing exchanges with the patient, the operating room multidisciplinary team, and other hospital practitioners. At the reception, information related to identification criteria, consent, specific needs and problems, fasting status, preoperative tests and situation, personal belongings etc are recorded. After the documentation process, the patient can be transferred to the preoperative room. Specific identification protocol as designed by the hospital needs to be followed, like specific ID cards or wrist bands with identification numbers etc. other identification details can include the patient’s date of birth, room number, bed number, and physician’s name. When asking for patient name, care should be taken to identify patient with similar names with extra identification specifics such as the hospital ID number (Phillips, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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