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Stronger UN sanctions are the best way forward for dealing with Irans nuclear ambitions - Essay Example

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Iran’s controversial President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has led the charge towards the acquisition of nuclear weaponry and has been inciting the international public for years. His outlandish claims that the Holocaust never existed, that Iran will “wipe Israel off the map”, and…
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Stronger UN sanctions are the best way forward for dealing with Irans nuclear ambitions
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Extract of sample "Stronger UN sanctions are the best way forward for dealing with Irans nuclear ambitions"

Download file to see previous pages Are stronger UN sanctions the best way to deal with Iran’s nuclear ambitions? Seeking to address this question and many more with respect to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, this essay will persuasively argue that an aggressive foreign policy by key international actors is the only means through which Iran’s nuclear ambitions can be contained (Financial Times, 2009; Hareetz, 2009).
Why not continue to sanction Iran? The theocratic Islamic republic continues to ignore international condemnation with respect to its nuclear ambitions and it has become widely apparent that sanctions – be they United Nations or bilateral sanctions such as those presently implemented by the United States – have not worked. Iran has faced a plethora of international sanctions in relation to its continued desire to enrich uranium following Iran’s decision to ignore Security Council Resolution 1696, which expressly forbade Iran from ceasing its uranium enrichment program. This was followed by ignore Security Council Resolution 1737 which froze the assets of key individuals and companies involved in the enrichment program as well as limited the availability of nuclear-scale material to this country. Sanctions were increased in March of 2007 with Security Council Resolution 1747 and again with Resolution 1803 which expressly forbade Iran from continuing its enrichment process. Iran has consistently ignored the international community and as we have persuasively demonstrated, remains committed to developing nuclear technology. What other options are available to the international community to deal with this rogue state?
Iran’s nuclear ambitions will have both regional as well as global repercussions. From a regional perspective, the Jewish state of Israel will most likely be impacted by a nuclear Iran. Despite this, the United States ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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