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People's lives continue to be shaped in the main by social structures'. Discuss this view, drawing on material from at the least three blocks of DD100 in your answer - Essay Example

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Although primary social identity of a man is gender specific and is followed by a distinct name by which he is known in the world, man is often bestowed with…
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Peoples lives continue to be shaped in the main by social structures. Discuss this view, drawing on material from at the least three blocks of DD100 in your answer
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Extract of sample "People's lives continue to be shaped in the main by social structures'. Discuss this view, drawing on material from at the least three blocks of DD100 in your answer"

Download file to see previous pages tity of a man is not only vital representation of his self but it is also medium that significantly contributes to a knowledge base that others can instantly access to have a general idea of their orientation towards conflicts and other relevant issues. The social construction of human identity thus becomes the most important element which significantly impacts people’s lives.
Construction of social structures and social identities are often influenced by hordes of issues, which are defined by individual ideology, group representation, professional competencies, intercultural compulsions etc. which facilitate better understanding and access to networking with organizations and groups in order to avail the emerging opportunities for their personal and professional growth. Thus giving rise to behavioural pattern of the people that directly correlates with the values and value system of the person and his environment.
There are various means through which persons imbibe the values that they carry all through their life. Some of them may be through the socio-religious culture that they follow while others might be acquired through changing paradigms of the work environment that is in perpetual influx. A person identified as student, as American or as an artisan etc. can proclaim certain privileges that are associated with that particular identity.
‘Identities are produced in a social context, but through individuals thinking about what links them to the social world… Symbols and representations are important in the production of identities. This is how we signal our identities to others and how we know which people we identify with.’ (Woodward, 2004, p.12).
Social construction is a distributed network of human relationship with respect to its environment. The role of religion in the life of a man is one of the most important facet that has long lasting effect not only on an individual’s life but its influence can be observed as a kaleidoscope of mixed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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