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Operation Anaconda 2 - Essay Example

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It is indeed no secret that American and allied forces are grappling with Taliban and Al-Qaida militants for the last more than six years in Afghanistan. Operation Anaconda is the name given to the operation which started off on March 1, 2002 by the conventional forces and…
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Operation Anaconda 2
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Download file to see previous pages ce inputs received from various agencies it was figured out that Afghanistan and the Taliban government is proving to be a big support for such elements. And the rest is history. When the war started off, it was perceived that once the Taliban government is over and the terrorists are flushed out of their safe heavens, the allied forces will hand over reins of power to the local government and make an early exit from the country. But the irony is, even after six years, no respectable exit route appears in sight and the allied forces appear to have stuck up in a catch-22 situation.
The operation anaconda began well after a series of spirited air strikes on the pointed targets in and around Kabul and Kandahar. These airstrikes were to make the ground situation less troublesome for the allied, so that the mission of the forces could be accomplished in minimum possible time. Now, when after six years, the US has a new president, who has been critical of the erstwhile policies of his predecessor on many fronts, the situation doesn’t appear to be any different. Afghanistan is in the midst of the presidential elections and if media reports are an indication, notwithstanding the allegations of widespread fraud cases, the incumbent president is expected to be back as well. But, there’s still no ray of hope for the US forces. This certainly raises question marks on the efficacy of intelligence organizations like CIA and SOF in correctly analyzing the inputs. Today when the forces appear desperate to the leave the battlefield, the war seems to have become unwinnable amidst the dwindling support for these efforts amongst the citizens.
It is quite apparent that the intelligence inputs proved inadequate on many counts. Just before the start of the operation anaconda, the Taliban militia was getting support from Pakistani military and their intelligence establishment. After the Pakistan government was coerced to support the allied forces efforts in digging out the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Operation Anaconda 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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