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THe importance of the notion of the ideal body in contemporary culture - Essay Example

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The notion of ideal body in contemporary art is a descendant of ‘ideal’ body as depicted in ancient art, dating back to the Greek art and the Renaissance period. Transformation of this concept of ideal body makes it hard for us to believe this fact. This paper draws…
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THe importance of the notion of the ideal body in contemporary culture
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Extract of sample "THe importance of the notion of the ideal body in contemporary culture"

Download file to see previous pages Art is believed to depict the events of its time and also anticipate the future events. Thus, art is viewed as a concept rather than a mere object portraying beauty. Capturing the complexity and beauty of the human body in forms of art, such as paintings, sculptures, or even in poems, has been the most interesting and sought after objective for artists from the known historical times. This is said to have attained its peak during the middle ages, including the Early and the High Renaissance, as evidenced by different types of portrayal of an ideal human body in various paintings and sculptures of ancient time. The most famous artists, both painters and sculptors, of this time known today are Giotto, Masaccio, Donatello, Leonardo Da Vinci, Giovanni Bellini, Christus Rex, and others. This period has evidenced rebirth of art and literature, rise of knowledge and intellect in many aspects. Artists during the Renaissance period had acquired technical knowledge of study of anatomy and had achieved new heights in sketching portrait, landscape, and mythological and religious paintings.
While these explain the notion of ideal body in ancient art, the same has quite drastically transformed in contemporary art. Research and study on contemporary art are based on various media such as the magazines, television, video and photography besides paintings and sculptures. The base of contemporary art also seems to have changed to a great extent. The notion of ideal body and beauty in contemporary is that of outwardly beauty that incites sexuality and trend of fashion, unlike values or ethos of ancient art.
In general, the Renaissance artists depicted joy in human beauty and pleasures of life in their paintings. They also tried to show different perspectives of things that they wanted to portray, which seemed to have descended from Giotto’s work. This art had much more meaning than beauty. Art informs life and produces ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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