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While the company is committed to being at the top of the industry and maintains that leadership, it also obligates itself to…
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Corporate compliance plan
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RIORDAN MANUFACTURING CORPORATE COMPLIANCE PLAN I Organization Overview Riordan Manufacturing is a leading-edge plastics manufacturing company that has been in the service of its global customers for almost two decades. While the company is committed to being at the top of the industry and maintains that leadership, it also obligates itself to conduct its business in the most ethical manner in accordance with existing, pertinent and applicable laws.
II Corporate Compliance Officer
A Corporate Compliance Officer (CCO) will be designated to oversee the Plan’s implementation and ensure its strict execution. In addition, he/she is also charged with the periodic review and risk assessment of company processes, performances, regulations and policies; the recommendation of necessary changes as determined by such risk assessment; the development of internal audit procedures to be used in the risk assessment, and; the formation and composition of the teams that will be tasked to conduct such periodic risk assessments.
III Ethical and Business Standard
A. Dealings with Customers
Riordan Manufacturing shall conduct business with customers in a transparent, professional, honest, fair, respectful and friendly manner. Relative to this, the company shall ensure that all its products have passed rigid quality control. Any valid complaint against the Company and its products shall be immediately acted upon and investigated. Restitution and compensation, if applicable and necessary, will be immediately effected. The Company accepts its liability for defective products without need for any court intervention.
B. Dealings with Competitors
The Company shall ensure that its business conduct is within the bounds of all federal, state and local laws with regards to unfair competition and the tangible and intellectual property laws. It shall also defend vigorously its own rights under the same by going to court to enforce it if necessary.
C. Dealings with the Environment
Riordan Manufacturing joins environmentalists in the promotion of a safe and livable earth. In this respect, it shall comply with and vigorously implements industry-wide standard regulations. It shall undertake monitoring activities and periodic risk assessments to ensure strict compliance with the same. In the event of any unforeseen accident in which Company activities have, in any way, caused damage to the environment, it shall voluntarily call the attention of appropriate government agencies and initiate corrective and cleaning up measures.
D. Internal Business
The Company strictly enforces compliance with this CCP. Any employee found in violation of it shall be made subject to disciplinary actions. Any person who has knowledge of any violation of this CCP is obligated to report it to the CCO through a telephone call, email, direct mail or any other means. Disciplinary actions, which shall be imposed only after investigation in accordance with existing company procedures, are imposed in the following order: verbal warning; written notice; suspension, and; termination. Acts found to be willful, deliberate or grossly negligent, however will be severely dealt with by immediately enforcing the higher disciplinary actions.
IV Legal Avenues
Any conflicts with outside parties involving the CCP or any other allegation against the Company shall be settled by the its internal troubleshooting team which shall include the in-house counsel, the CEO, the SVP and EA. Failure at settlement at this stage shall make the case ripe for submission to ADR. Failure of ADR shall require the Company to consider calling its outside counsel, Literal & Finkel, to prepare for the elevation of the case to court. Read More
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Corporate Compliance Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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