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: Instrument to Critique - Assignment Example

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This program, which is still in development, is intended to reduce general risk behaviours and increase protective behaviours among the high school students in a variety of areas…
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Assignment: Instrument to Critique
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": Instrument to Critique"

Download file to see previous pages The objectives of this program are to help countries in developing their priorities; assessment of school health and youth health promotion; establish programmes and advocate for resources for school and youth health programmes and policies; facilitate within country and across country comparisons regarding the occurrence of health risk and protective factors and to establish surveillance systems for health risk behaviours and protective factors(WHO 2007).
The WHO has developed the Global School based Student Health Survey (GSHS) in WHO member countries to obtain the information on health risk and protective factors(WHO GSHS) . This survey has a common methodology aimed at schools and has a self-administered questionnaire, which includes core questionnaire modules, core expanded questions and country specific questions. This questionnaire has been developed for Jordan also. This one is being planned to use as the instrument to evaluate whether the health promotion strategies in Jordan have an impact on the health risk behaviours and protective factors of high school students in the city.
This paper aims at critically evaluating the validity of the instrument used to measure the impact of health promotion strategies in Jordan. It critically examines the strengths, weaknesses and relevance of the questionnaire developed by WHO as an instrument to a high school bases health promotion program in Jordan.
The sample of students from 8th to 10th grades for the survey has been selected through two stage cluster sampling with 25 schools being selected with probability proportional to school enrolment size in the first stage and 70classrooms randomly selected from each classroom in the second stage. Thus, altogether a sample of 2243 students has been selected for the survey. 87 multiple-choice questions have been prepared and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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