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Situation Analysis of the Case Study - Book Report/Review Example

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R James and yourself to be carried out by our organization, I hereby submit the reports of our findings. This study was carried out objectively and to the requisite standards set for such endeavors. We strongly believe…
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Situation Analysis of the Case Study
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Extract of sample "Situation Analysis of the Case Study"

Download file to see previous pages The SSM operates on the theoretical basis that problem solving is a process leading to lessening and eventual management of the problem. A problem in this case is any situation or circumstance that makes it difficult or impossible for normal operations of an organization or social system to run smoothly without undue interruption. The SSM focus on the process of reducing and ultimately containing the problem is referred to as action research. Action research involves the participant observation of the researcher through involvement, reflection and ultimately gaining insights leading to theoretical frameworks of resolving the situation (Maier, 2007, p7).
This is a report on a case analysis of the problems in the implementation of Knowledge Management Systems at QES P/L. This case study was carried out in relation to version control and change management in our virtual team. The main objective of this study is to enable the company implement changes to attain higher speed and efficiency in the manner of completion of projects and introduction of innovations. The first step towards achieving this objective was obviously an understanding of the current situation of the company. Then the problems would be identified before possible interventions could be suggested.
Established in Brisbane Australia in 1986 the QES P/L is a company founded to provide engineering services to mining companies. The company then diversified to oilrig and sewerage construction. It has thus grown to have 600 employees spread over 5 countries namely Australia, USA, Egypt, Hong Kong and Norway. The countries reflect the original homes of the directors. Currently the company aims at expanding to offer services through electrical sub-stations. The Knowledge management system is expected to support these services.
The problems at the company are numerous as identified by the SSM approach carried out by our organization ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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