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The first sources would be Federal, State, OSHA, and other laws should be considered when making business decisions. For example, a swimsuit company could create photos of women in bikinis as an advertisement in the USA…
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BADM100 - DVHA2 - Introduction to Business
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Business decisions need to come from several sources. The first sources would be Federal, OSHA, and other laws should be considered when making business decisions. For example, a swimsuit company could create photos of women in bikinis as an advertisement in the USA. The law allows certain photos to be published. However, in Saudi Arabia it is against the law for women to show skin. The laws governing the place of the business need to be taken into consideration. If I were in charge of my own business I would obey all the laws in the jurisdiction of my business. Running a business could be expensive if customers, employees, and contractors had grounds for litigation.
The next basis for business decisions should be the company’s mission statement. For example, if I had a business that sold Xs and Os, my mission statement would be: I will sell the most efficient Xs and Os in a pleasant and customer friendly atmosphere. Since my business is making efficient Xs and Os in a pleasant and customer friendly atmosphere, every decision made would be toward that goal. An example would be if I had to make the decision to cut my profit in half for Xs to increase efficiency, I would make the decision to make the Xs more efficient.
More complicated issues come when discussing profit, layoffs, and efficiency. If I had to lay off twenty employees to make Xs increase in efficiency, I would have to make decisions to keep my business financially sound instead of raising efficiency. However I would not make inefficient Xs and Os just to turn a profit even if it meant keeping many people employed.
Customers are important to any service business. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Companies can ensure the needs of the customers are met on a consistent basis by having survey cards, mystery shoppers, refunds, and complaint processes for dissatisfied customers. All employees need to be trained toward making a customer happy by treating them with respect. Read More
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