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Move for Opportunity - Essay Example

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In the recent economic environment where globalization has taken up a major part of the world, the entire world is now moving and relocating to find better jobs and to find a better life. The relocation can be…
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Move for Opportunity
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Extract of sample "Move for Opportunity"

Download file to see previous pages The author also talks about the issues that the move for opportunity tends to create and how the moves can create not only physical stress but also a strong element of emotional distress as well.
The author has not only focused on the affects of the relocation on the person but has moved a step ahead to also consider the effects of the relocation on the families. The needs of the families and how the attractive relocation packages can seem to be very beneficial yet not be as useful as to be able to provide the families with the best and the life that they need to give up for the package. There has also been noted by experts that these opportunities have proven to be very beneficial for the country as well. At the John Holland Group, HR [Human Resources] manager Darren Nelson agrees. ‘It’s these opportunities that have built both this country and people’s careers.’ He points to Karratha, WA, as the well-publicised focal point for opportunities created by skills shortages and a resources boom. ‘I know people moving here from the east who will have a 110 per cent salary increase.’
The article presented by Fran Cusworth is a very effective article to help people think about the options of relocating their job for the purpose of newer opportunities. This section will deal with an analysis of the article. The article will be analyzed under six main heading. This is as in the sub section below:
i) Overall Effectiveness: The author has discussed the article in a advisory fashion to bring up a strong light on the issues as well as benefits of relocation packages that are provided by the recruiters and the relocation specialists. The intended audiences are the individuals due to have relocation and also families of these people. The overall article is straight forward with a very strong tone that has been used. The author has brought about a number of details like the affects of a failed move and how much it could affect the individuals ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Move for Opportunity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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