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Non hodgkins lymphoma - Essay Example

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Lymphoma is a cancer that affects the white blood cells of the immunity system that helps the human body to fight against various diseases and infections. Like in any other type of cancer here also the affected cells show abnormal and uncontrolled growth. They keep dividing…
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Non hodgkins lymphoma
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Extract of sample "Non hodgkins lymphoma"

Download file to see previous pages These cancerous cells multiply and completely destroy the lymph nodes, tissues and vessels and later spreading (metastasizing) to other organs of the body.
Lymphatic system of our bodies consists of many different parts. These are the lymph vessels, the lymph fluid and the lymph nodes. The entire lymphatic system consists of a large network of the lymph vessels that spread to all parts of the body tissues by branching and forming a network. These vessels carry the clear lymph fluid, chyle, white blood cells (mainly the smaller lymphocytes comprising of the T cells and the B cells) and also other blood cells to various parts of the body. Lymph nodes are the small pea shaped globular bodies found mainly along the way of the large blood vessels in the neck region, the chest, underarms, the abdomen and pelvis region and also in the groins. Lymph vessels are connected to these nodes and they act as filter removing harmful substances (if any) like the bacteria, from the lymph fluid. The lymphatic fluids along the lymphocytes re enter the circulatory system via the upper left part of the chest. The lymphatic system also consists of the spleen, the tonsils and the thymus gland. As the lymphatic tissue is present in many parts of the body including the bone marrow, the stomach and the small intestine, the non Hodgkins lymphoma can occur almost anywhere anytime. Though, it has been noticed that, the first to get affected are generally the lymph nodes which get enlarged when affected by the lymphoma.
There are many types of non Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL) that are generally seen but all can be grouped under two main types. These are the slow growing or the indolent type and the second is the fast growing or the aggressive lymphoma variety. There is also a third variety which is the intermediate type. The NHL most often than not, form from the T cells or the B cells of the lymphocytes. The lymphocytes which form a part of the white ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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