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Since I am an AOL user, I have enough storage (unlimited email storage) to save my vacation pictures in emails. I would attach my…
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After reading Josh Coates’ article “Internet storage boosts Web sites”, I probably would not choose Internet storage for my digital pictures. Since I am an AOL user, I have enough storage (unlimited email storage) to save my vacation pictures in emails. I would attach my digital photos onto one, two, or as many emails as it took, and then I would email them to myself. I would then save my emails online. This would allow me to access my digital photos from any computer connected to the Internet. Even if my computer crashed, I would still have my vacation photos. The main reason I would not save my digital photos on Internet storage after reading Coates’ article is the inference Internet storage can be more beneficial to businesses than individuals. If I only considered this argument, then I would take the AOL route. However, I continued my research.
I took a look at which is Drive Headquarters. This storage system allowed for 1GB Free, 1GB + 1GB Free for $2.99/Month or $29.99/Year, 2GB + 1GB Free for $4.99/Month or $49.99, 5GB +1GB Free for $7.99/Month or $79.99/Year, 10GB for $12.99/Month or $129.99/Year, or 20GB for $19.99/Month or $199.99/Year. This option allowed for a registration with a name, email, and TOS agreement. Individuals signing up must have a valid email address which would require validation.
The second website I researched was which is the location of This Internet storage site has three options for storage; Individual, Professional, and Business. All options have a fourteen day free trial. After the free trial Individuals pay $9.95, Professionals pay $19.95, and Businesses pay $15.00 per month. Individuals get 5GB, Professionals receive 15GB, and Business receive 30GB+. The registration requires a name, email address, and phone number. There is also an space for a promo code. This service also provides live customer support.
Drive Headquarters is cheaper, but does not have the support I would also choose because it is more generated toward individuals. Online storage advantageous by freeing up computer hard drive space. The disadvantages include high costs and possible hacking by a third party. I would not advise a friend to use Internet storage due to the whole concept is more business friendly. For digital pictures and important files, I will continue to email them to my email address saving them as I go.
Bayerische Asphalt-Mischwerke is a German company. This company had four offices and three hundred employees. This company pours concrete all over Germany. If a customer complains about a job, the home office, inspecting employee, and customer all had to keep records. Lotus Notes and Domino was put into place to keep liability reports in one remote location. Without using Lotus Notes and Domino, the information might become corrupt or different depending on the user input. Retrieving the data could also prove difficult for the same reasons. One employee reports “By providing a single repository for all the relevant data, and by integrating with our existing systems, the electronic damage record system solves the problem of communicating effectively across a decentralised organisation” (IBM 2009). This way the data can be analyzed from a remote location. Data is different than information in data is statistics that can be compared while information cannot be placed into neat statistical form. For example, five repairs in Munich during March can be compared to repairs in Munich during May.
Coates, J. (2001). Internet storage boosts Web sites. 21 May 2001. Network World.
Accessed 29 Aug. 2009
IBM. (2009). Bayerische Asphalt-Mischwerke improves liabilities management with
IBM Lotus Notes and Domino. 16 Apr. 2009. Accessed 29 Aug. 2009 7R6KZP?OpenDocument&Site=default&cty=en_us Read More
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