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Managing change has become intrinsic part of business strategy to facilitate process improvement opportunities of projects within the organizations…
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Week 1 discussion questions
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The advancing technology and the advent of computers have greatly influenced the changing paradigms of the business strategies. Managing change has become intrinsic part of business strategy to facilitate process improvement opportunities of projects within the organizations. The different contextual factors vis-à-vis size, technology, environment, diversification and globalization are vital elements that have significant impact on the managerial decision making. A good leadership ensures effective communication with the employees with shared vision of the new technology and methods of administration, thus promoting better understanding among the employees for easy changeover.
The imperatives of organizations must involve a ready preparedness for changes. According to Marrow ‘the changes required by the welfare of the business become everybodys business and get made’ (Marrow, 1957, p. 66). The changing business strategies to cope with the fast transforming socio-economical paradigms of the times have become crucial factors because they enable the businesses to compete against their rivals. The main risk of adopting changes in the business processes is the resistance from the workforce. They become unsure about their own ability to successfully adapt the changes in their work practice. As a result of their irrational fear, they fight against any change to defend their position and job in the organization.
A good managerial leadership within the organization facilitates better understanding, prediction and improvisation in work place, leading to improved performance. Conflicts can be solved through effective communication that encourages discussions and doubts clearing sessions and leaders must adapt such techniques to overcome resistance and create congenial atmosphere in the organization. Proper dissemination of information is essential to dispel any doubts about their ability to adapt successfully to the changes and the usefulness of the new resource, thereby facilitating a change that is positive.
In my office environment of meat processing organization, introduction of new technology in the packaging section has become vital to meet the challenges of the new business competitiveness. The initial apprehension of the manager was overcome through his judicious and widely popular managerial expertise which facilitated the changeover with smoothness and without any bad feeling or insecurities among the employees. The manager had ensured that all the employees were taken into confidence regarding the growing compulsions of introducing the advanced technology in the packaging section.
The necessity of a sophisticated technology, that would provide an effective competitive edge to their rivals in our field, was communicated to them in a manner that inspired them to cooperate and act on the basis of understanding of the issue. The changing times had made it imperative to meet the challenges of the contemporary lifestyle that demands more innovative and hi-tech packaging of food, based on the latest technology. Indeed, the leadership initiative of the manager make it possible to effectively send the message across the employees that marketing and innovation, define the performance of the organization and new technology is the only way towards achieving it.
Marrow, A. J. (1957). ‘Making Management Human’. New York: Mc-Graw Hill Book Company. Read More
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