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Leading Strategic Change - Essay Example

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Schwenk says that ‘employee’s absolute commitment to a shared vision of change is seen by many leaders/ change agents as so important for their organization’s continued…
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Leading Strategic Change
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Extract of sample "Leading Strategic Change"

Discussion The fast changing socio economic dynamics have created a fiercely competitive business environment. Schwenk says that ‘employee’s absolute commitment to a shared vision of change is seen by many leaders/ change agents as so important for their organization’s continued survival’ (Schwenk, 1997, p4). As a CEO of a company that has been struggling with strategic change, I firmly believe that managerial leadership has become imperative to facilitate more accommodating approach to the changing dynamics of the organizational culture and management. As suggested by the board of directors, executive team of managers needs to be developed through integrated approach that provides the necessary impetus to the employees to strive towards collective goals.
To develop effectiveness in strategic change, flexible approach to managerial leadership that is more labor friendly needs to be adopted. It should also believe in developing joint goals and objectives that are mutually beneficial, thus fostering mutual beliefs and better understanding of each others value system. The management needs to accept the challenge of creating a cohesive and encouraging atmosphere so that the workers could get effective learning environment. Zeira asserts that a constant learning environment through regular training and development are essential ingredient to effectively manage the changing business equations (Zeira, 1974). They should be provided with a wider scope for professional growth in the area of core competencies and made responsible for advocating and nurturing a high standard of ethics and quality work.
Discussion 2
The empirical relationship of leaders and the emerging changes are critical for a given situation and therefore, good managerial leadership demands a better informed leader who is capable of taking initiative and at the same time, he is also able to inculcate confidence in his people to move forward. A well developed leadership within the organization facilitates integration of diverse ideologies and personal conflicts. Schwenk claims that ‘useful conflict involves constructive discussion of substantive differences in views (or cognitions) of a problem (Schwenk, 1997, p7). The leaders provide an intangible stability within the organization that comprises of people coming from cross cultural value systems and facilitate their integration with the system. They also promote shared vision of the organization and provide the necessary impetus to the people to strive towards it thus representing the team’s unique objectives and goals.
Nutt believes that flexibility of approach and initiative in decision making is vital part of leadership as ‘strategic choices are influenced by the manager’s decision style’ (Nutt, 1990). The different contextual factors vis-à-vis size, technology, environment, diversification and globalization are vital elements that have significant impact on the managerial decision making. Hence, leadership promoting collective decision making which is conducive to the increasingly changing environment of global competitiveness is highly successful. It facilitates easy adaptability to changing equations thereby, empowering the workforce and the leaders to recognize the wide scope of emerging opportunities. Thus it can be conclusively stated that effective leadership greatly enhances the performance outcome of the organizations.
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Zeira, Y. (1974). ‘Training the top management team for planned change’. Training and Development Journal, 28 (6), 30-36. Read More
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