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This paper will deal with how to write an essay, and the steps that might help ease the process. Before starting to write an essay, it is essential to first decide the topic, imagining who the readers…
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Download file to see previous pages This can be done in few simple words and should only contain the main crux of the essay. Once this is done, the researcher should write out a few ideas ‘for’ the topic, and a few ideas ‘against’ the topic. These terms should be what the researcher agrees and disagrees with respectively.
b) Building an outline: Once the main ideas are out on paper, it is essential to draw out an outline for the essay (Wyrick, 2007). This should include a few sentences that the researcher might want to include in the essay. An outline is normally built with the following sections:
c) Creating a Draft: This is one of the best steps that allow the researcher to complete the basics in the essay. Here the researcher can include all the details of the essay and support the ideas, include facts, figures and details (McClain & Roth, 1998). It is here that the researcher needs to ensure that the introductory paragraph is a strong well decided one, as this plays a very important role in gaining the attention of the reader.
d) Revising and reviewing the essay: Once the draft is ready, it is essential to move on to reading the essay and ensuring that the writer is happy with what has been presented. This stage of the essay writing process involves reading and re – reading the essay to ensure that it is clear and covers all the main ideas. Also this is a chance for the researcher to correct any grammatical or spelling errors and to improve the over all essay (Newsweek Education Program, 2003). It is always advisable for the researcher to add or remove a few parts of the essay and try to improve it to the maximum.
e) Proof reading the essay: This is the last step for the researcher before submitting the essay. Here it is always better to read the entire essay out loud slowly. This will provide a chance to find any errors, in terms of grammar, spelling, or even punctuations. This step is to try and find all possible errors in the essay ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay Writing Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
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