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In the essay “Joining the Army Medical Corp Reserve” the author describes his ‘long-term’ dream – being part of the Army Medical Corp reserve team, not only because of its military scope but also because of a passion that stems from patriotism to need to support those who have dedicated their lives to defend the nation…
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Joining the Army Medical Corp Reserve
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Even though I could have directly served in the military as a field officer, my immediate objective to joining the Army Medical Corp reserve is to help soldiers who suffer from both medical and psychological injuries together with their families. This is majorly because I want my country’s defense force to have a positive image of a safe profession that can attract dedicated personnel. By working hard as a medical officer, and through influencing dedication among other members of the reserve, I hope to elimination permanent disabilities among wounded officers, and subsequent psychological instability among their family members. This will not only be a motivational factor in serving army personnel and their families but will also motivate others who currently perceive the military as a risky profession, to join the forces in protecting our country.
My interest in adventure, structures, and challenging encounters, opportunities that are available within the reserve’s scope, are also motivators to my desire to join the Army Medical Corps Reserve. I am also dedicated to exercise the expected level of discipline that is required within the profession.
(Daad, p. 1).
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(Joining the Army Medical Corp Reserve Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Joining the Army Medical Corp Reserve Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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