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The implementation of information technology in all areas of life has transformed the way of working and managing tasks. This paper presents and discusses…
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Explain the impact of information technology on the criminal justice system
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Running head: The impact of information technology on the criminal justice system The impact of Information technology on the Criminal Justice SystemAuthor
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August 16, 2009
This research paper presents the detailed analysis of the impact of information technology on the criminal justice system. The implementation of information technology in all areas of life has transformed the way of working and managing tasks. This paper presents and discusses the implementation of the information technology for the better criminal justice.
In the modern age of the information technology, there are many threats created for the organizational information. Organizations have need of a security model that has the potential to handle and make secure our information reserves (Norton, 2001). Technical administrative safety /security measures like that security plans, actions, and procedures are the generally practices for the organizational information security procedures. Attentiveness of building actions are concerned by the organizations to a substantially smaller level, on the other hand at the same time these are weighed up as being further efficient organizational actions than technical administrative ones. Information security encompasses organizational features, officially authorized aspects, institutionalization and applications of most excellent practices in addition to security technologies (Laudon & Laudon, 1999).
Augmenting power of information technology and computing as well as progresses in data communication and user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) present criminal justice and law enforcement agency by means of extraordinary capability to get together, inspect, store as well as distribute information and data that is gathered about any case or criminal activity by stakeholders surrounded by as well as outside of administration and criminal justice system (Peterson, 2009). The accomplishment of the information technology for criminal justice system presents enormous benefits like that at the present time we have a technology-driven working atmosphere, rapid and reliable commutation means, fast detection system, these all systems merge to form a very strong criminal justice system. Criminal justice systems have been improved through growing the ability to store as well as process huge amount of data about crimes and associated events. There is enhanced investigative and intelligence facility through information technology. They have rapid and on spot right to use to criminal records as well as additional types of appropriate data regarding criminal justice (Peterson, 2009).
For criminal justice a policy determined vital to convene the needs of modern and up-to-date shapes of police administration as well as responsibility, as of cost effectiveness, honesty as well as technical regularity comprising arrangements intended to offer untimely caution for police utilization of force grievances. Below this modern order, law enforcement are turned out to be examined inside through management structures, observation tools, inner inspections as well as examinations plus superficially through watchdog agencies, community grievance systems as well as central examiners (Chicagojustice, 2009).
The accomplishment of the Information technologies is able to be functional to information and data produced through the criminal justice arrangement to augment public appreciative of how the law enforcement acts jointly by means of the public. At present, the information technology does remain which would permit people to powerfully draw up a judges’ decision to come to a decision if some judgment is out of line by means of previous decisions (Chicagojustice, 2009). The judgment to related information technologies as well as open the unlawful justice structure to the brightness it consequently greatly required is a simple one. The singing group of ‘thank yous’ from the community at huge would overwhelm the expected disagreement from mediators of the organization (Chicagojustice, 2009).
Information technology integration has established practically as a great deal attentiveness like crime mapping. Advancement in information technology for criminal justice makes certain that the intact information enchanting into explanation require to be acquainted with as well as solitude apprehensions will be accumulated as well as joint electronically amongst the entire essentials of the CJS or criminal justice system, state trial, encompassing prosecutors, law enforcement, the confidential defense bar, public defenders as well as federal courts, corrections, appellate courts, trial and parole. This guarantee is previously being recognized today (Blogger, 2009).
Information technology has changed the ways of lives. It has brought easiness in every field of life. It has also affected the field of criminology. It has provided great advantages in the field of criminal justice. This paper has discussed about the impact of information technology in the criminal justice. This paper has also discussed the ways in which it has improved the criminal justice.
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