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Organizational principles have undergone drastic changes in the last two decades because of the changing relationships between different countries due to globalization and liberalization. Moreover, scientific management principles are dominant in organizations at present and the…
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Organizational Communcation Unit 7
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Running head: Organizational communication Organizational Communication Introduction Organizational principles have undergone drastic changes in the last two decades because of the changing relationships between different countries due to globalization and liberalization. Moreover, scientific management principles are dominant in organizations at present and the traditional methods have given way for new strategies and principles. Team work and leadership are some of the most encouraged organizational functions at present due to the immense benefits, these things can provide to the organization. This paper briefly explains the advantages and disadvantages of team work and the relationship between leadership styles and productivity of an organization.
Advantages and disadvantages of team work
The major advantages of team work are; the team members can learn from each other and also assist others in their mission; more flexibility in work; new ideas and suggestion can be implemented; communication and cooperation among the employees can be improved; Greater autonomy and more freedom in work which will improve the productivity of the employees etc. The major disadvantages are; all the members of the team may not be compatible with the team functions; only specific workers can be included in the team; some members may get less motivating jobs which can increase the conflicts within the team; team functioning may take longer time because of the lack of coordination at the initial stages; Rewards and punishment may be less effective; less flexibility in transferring the workers from one place/ division to another etc. (Medsker, G.J.,& Campion, M.A)
Group think is the process of decision making inside a group or a team. It occurs only when the group was highly cohesive and functions in a healthy manner. Group think has certain negative impacts on the team performances since it will not spend much time for finding out the exact solutions of a problem. Because of the strong cohesion group members will not analyse the ideas of others in a critical manner which will prevent them from identifying the real, future consequences of the decision. Expert opinions will never sought by a team functioning under groupthink. (Allyn & Bacon)
My leadership style
I believe in democratic style of leadership. Autocratic approaches will never bring the desired results when we compare the long term goals of an organization. Democratic approach always helps the employees to feel more closeness towards the organization. They will consider the problems and the achievements of the organization as their own if we implement a democratic approach in management. But at the same time we must ensure that no employees are utilizing the freedom given to them because of the democratic liberal approaches. For that at times we have to think in terms of strict punishments also in order to keep the control safe in the hands of the leader. Only a democratic leader can bring the maximum out of an employee. An employee will communicate properly with the leader only if the employee believes that the leader is functioning in a democratic manner and his opinions and suggestions will be valued by the leader. Training, rewards and complements are some ways to empower the employees. In order to prevent harassments at workplace, punishments also should be implemented at workplace.
Team work has lot of advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of team work is the increased cooperation between the members of the team which make them capable of solving big problems. Conflicts between the team members are the major drawback. In order to become an effective leader, a mixed approach with the goods of both democratic and autocratic approaches is suitable.
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