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Use D. Michael Abrashoff's management techniques to improve the performance/morale of a small to medium size police department - Research Paper Example

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Captain Abrashoff worked as the commanding officer of the United States Navy and as a commanding officer, he was expected to perform much efficiently. This experience taught him much about leadership and he used his knowledge to support other leaders by narrating essential…
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Use D. Michael Abrashoffs management techniques to improve the performance/morale of a small to medium size police department
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Extract of sample "Use D. Michael Abrashoff's management techniques to improve the performance/morale of a small to medium size police department"

Download file to see previous pages Eventually, he wrote his own book with the title, “It’s Your Ship” in order to share information on how to become an effective leader using efficient processes.
According to Abrashoff, a leader should be aware of the goals and objectives of the organization because the employees strive in the direction of goals and objectives. The book of Captain Abrashoff reveals relevant ideas on how to manage and motivate a whole organization by giving utmost consideration on how employees will grow professionally from their experiences. The author’s understanding of the real scenario of leading an organization gives him the authority to speak up on how success can be earned through setting up the values and turning them over to the staff. In order to be successful, people should be motivated and do their best in order to have a good grasp of their own responsibilities. The leader should also ensure that the messages conveyed are passed on accurately so that the goals of the organization can be achieved (Abrashoff 2002).
Communication is one of the most important factors to be regarded carefully in attaining the goals and objectives of an organization (Abrashoff 2002). While communicating, it must be ensured that the message is sent precisely to the staff so that proper actions can be taken which can lead to a positive feedback. Good communication in an organization plays the role of establishing a good rapport between the leader and the staff. The desired goals can be achieved if the leader possesses the qualities of honesty and integrity.
Motivation is one of the major tasks of the leader in order to get things done by the members. Primarily, motivation starts by understanding the human nature. Appreciating what people can do and understanding what they cannot, is a big factor for efficiently managing the people in the work place. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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