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Aspects of Practical Crime Scene Investigation - Essay Example

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Further, the description of the scene notes suggests the task of collecting notes began from the entrance, which is always a good…
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Aspects of Practical Crime Scene Investigation
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Download file to see previous pages Further, there is no first hand information on how deep the charred carpet, coat or rug were. Such a description could have provided much more information in determining the likely causes of the fire.
Further, the notes do not contain any information on the type of material that was used to build the walls or the building in general. a regular house is meant to contain articles of plastic or metal along the path described within the house. As such, in the case of any fire such as in the current instance, objects made of such materials tend to get distorted. There is no mention of any such occurrence which leads one to doubt whether such an angle was even investigated. However, the investigator has chosen to proceed in a specific manner detailing the items described in the notes as they were encountered. Thus the order of the items collected could prove useful in the investigation. There is no mention of any structural damage to the building or the extent of damage to the ceiling, which would have helped establish the extent of the fire.
The primary aspect of investigating suspected cases of arson is to identify the location where the fire started. As such, the location of the rug (which might have been used to start the fire) and the bottle containing the suspicious liquid (possibly as a speeding agent) could help establish such a notion. Additionally, it is also necessary to find if there are any other potential causes of the fire that could have occurred in house. In this case, the notes do not provide any information whether there were any inflammable materials in the area or whether any flames such as candles or stoves were being used in the vicinity. As such, all such noticeable and suspicious things can be retrieved for examination.
The exhibit JLS-2 contains the piece of rug that survived the fire and is suspected to be the material used to start the fire. Due to the lack of any noticeable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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