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Methodology Components - Essay Example

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The collaborative nature of cooperative learning makes the process a complex to construct. Research attempts to specify the methodological procedures that should be followed in…
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Methodology Components
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Download file to see previous pages As a research procedure, the school is organized by use of learning methods that have resulted in improved performance in the school (Fullan, 2000).
Action research approach should be adopted during the study. The researcher can use both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods to achieve the objectives. Experimental method is appropriate where the researcher can easily interact with the respondents. Two possible methods to be used in data collection are observation and interview (Tompkins, 1998). The researcher should carry out cross data validity to ensure that the information to be gathered is correct. Information can also be collected by data triangulation. Random grouping of the students and treating them equally in the English lesson should be done. The students should come from the same school faculty, experienced same socio-economic environment, same educational backgrounds and educational opportunities, accessed same teaching materials and should have equally attended same curriculum classes. The differences are the groups formed and the teaching model used.
Teachers who are supposed to use cooperative learning techniques are taken through training so that they can impart right information to students who will go through the experiment. Teachers who will not use the cooperative learning methods are not supposed to attend this training.
Data collection and procedures should be done in three phases and should not last more than two months. At the initial stages, the researcher conducts the pre-test to ascertain students’ attitudes and their educational experiences. Students’ attitude and their achievements in the subject in the past can be collected in form of questionnaires. After pre-test, treatment step for more five weeks follows. The teachers who went through the training on cooperative learning should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Methodology Components Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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