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Advertising Journal #3 - Essay Example

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Mars corporation, who produce Twix, have recently been running ad campaigns for this chocolate bar in North America with the tag line ‘Need a moment? Chew it over with Twix’. In this paper the different versions online, in…
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Advertising Journal #3
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Extract of sample "Advertising Journal #3"

Journal no. 3: Twix The product for discussion in this paper is Twix. Mars corporation, who produce Twix, have recently been running ad campaigns forthis chocolate bar in North America with the tag line ‘Need a moment? Chew it over with Twix’. In this paper the different versions online, in print, and on television of this advert will be discussed in order to established the marketing strategies which are used to sell Twix and the target market of these advertisements.
On the Twix website,, the following interactive advertisement is run;

In this advertisement, Bruce meets a girl and, not knowing whether to be ‘deep’ or ‘shallow’ to win her over, pulls out a Twix bar to ‘chew it over’. While Bruce is chewing, the person watching the advert is asked to decide if Bruce should be ‘deep’ or ‘shallow’. In this ad, Twix is being advertised as a snack at break-time which people can eat while they reflect on life. This type of innovative advertising style appeals to a young target market, ranging from late teens to late twenties, who enjoy the interaction and use computers. Indeed, the characters in the advert are all in their late twenties, so this is clearly the market sector that Twix is aiming to appeal to.
On TV this concept was extended over a number of different ads. Although the interactive element was taken away, the tag line ‘Need a moment? Chew it over with Twix’ remained the same. As well as Bruce trying to win over his girl, there was the Bookzone ad, in which two guys are reading a book on ‘How to Score a Hottie’. A beautiful woman approaches them and one of the guys pulls out a Twix in order pause time and decide how to impress her. He turns to his friend, tells him he’s pathetic, and gets to go for a coffee with the woman.

In all the TV advertisements, the recognisable tag line was repeated. The ads focused on situations where men, usually in their late-teens or twenties, were attempting to impress women. This style of advertising clearly appeals to the younger audience. It is a fun-loving, goofy approach to advertising, showing that Twix is the candy bar for people with a sense of humour.
In this particular campaign, Twix made very little use of print advertising as a way of promoting their message. This is perhaps because the point of the ad campaign is that the Twix bar can stop time and allow the eater to chew things over and this is difficult to portray with a non-moving medium. However, on other campaigns, Twix have made use of the print media. On their ‘two for me, none for you’ campaign, Twix actually inserted speaking advertisements in Rolling Stone magazine which were activated when the page was turned. This sort of innovative advertising fits with the quirky approach they have taken in their ‘chew it over’ campaign and suggests that Twix clearly have the teens and twenties target market in mind.
It is clear, therefore, that with all their advertising Twix maintain a youthful, quirky image designed to appeal to the target sector of people in their late teens through to their twenties. They are careful to pull internet, print and TV advertising together with the same themes and recognisable tag-lines so as to communicate succinctly and directly with their target market. Read More
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