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Intellectual property law (need top marks) - Essay Example

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In United Kingdom the notion of copyright law comes from the general law system, which has basically been inspired by the natural legal principles and standing over the foundation of such legal principle the British legal system aims at ensuring equality in every aspect life as…
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Intellectual property law (need top marks)
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Download file to see previous pages Since its implementation from the year 1911, application of the Copyright Act has become mandatory for various sectors to use and follow this system. In order to keep parity with the forms of offensive acts in this field several changes have been done in the existing form of the Act and finally it was implemented in the year 1988.1 Copyright is associated with creative works associated with literature, drama, music, films, broadcasting network to the typographic arrangement of various editions. Copyright does not include a work where a mismatch can be noticed between the requirement and the qualification.2 Due to technological progress scope of the intellectual property rights has become broader and an individual, who wishes to protect his creative works, coming within scope of the Act, is required to register the work.
However, in the UK legal context, if a person wishes to exercise his/her intellectual property rights, no registration is required for copyright purpose. It is a completely costless procedure, both simple and flexible. When it comes to protection of information through the Intellectual property rights, introduction of the Internet is the most effective instrument.3 However, if a person wants to bring his work within the scope of copyright protection, it is required that his idea should be a novel and genuine at the same time. Business names and product names does not belong to group for copyright, rather they are protected as trademarks.4
The 1988 Copyright act contains certain factors which makes it an inferior commercially to exploit various copies that is known by the defendant. The right does not deal with those people who carry out direct infringement of copyright but applied to those people who deal commercially with infringing copies. Secondary infringement of copyright material covers the area of importation, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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