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Aboriginal studies - Research Paper Example

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Answer the following questions: How are the regions similar? How do they differ? Can you see reasons for this?
In the aboriginal studies, the…
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Aboriginal studies
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Extract of sample "Aboriginal studies"

Download file to see previous pages Natives of the South -- southeast and southwest -- lived somewhat similar and different social environments and had their own unique means of using, controlling, and changing their inhabitation. Bonds of social set up were so strong that the Southern natives did not loose hold of their social and cultural identity while adapting to the ways of modern agriculture. In the matter of practicing refined ways of cultivation, the natives of southeast followed comparatively advanced methods of farming than their counterparts. The theme of religion in its purest form of following rituals and in the wider perspective of believing in the existence of God was pervasive in all functions of life. There were cultural differences as well as similarities as based on the geographical distribution of land that culminated in their choice of practicing different professions other than farming but natives of South believed in the oneness of all human beings on the spiritual grounds. Natives had a sharp sense of the natural cycle and practiced different modes of livelihood to save themselves from the vagaries of nature.
Before comparing the environmental and social organization of the natives of southeast and southwest, it is logical to know the physical boundaries that divided them. The Southeast culture area is the semi-tropical region that extends from the Atlantic Ocean Westward to way ahead of Trinity River in today’s Texas, and from the Gulf of Mexico towards north following different latitudes through the modern states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina. The Southwest aboriginal culture has its expansion from the southern corners of modern times Utah and Colorado south via Arizona and New Mexico, including Texas, California, and Oklahoma, into Mexico. This physical division of both regions creates curiosity to compare the social and environment organization of both the regions.
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