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Research in Psychology - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Firstly, He asked pertinent questions. In their responses, the disciples were required to analyze the situation clearly and logically. They were therefore empowered to discover or construct their…
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Research in Psychology
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"Research in Psychology"

Download file to see previous pages Consistent with this ability to motivate, Christ peaked their interest in the topic at hand to such an extent that they asked Him to spend some more time with them. He kept their interest by His proficiency in the topic and the element of a cliffhanger like experience when He pretended to be leaving them before they had exhausted His expertise.
Finally, the Lord used the strategy of linking previous knowledge to the present situation. He performed the last act He did when they were together – the breaking of bread. Thus, it was a summation of these strategies which allowed the two men’s eyes to be opened. He opened the eyes of their minds through His words first and eventually through His actions. The disciples’ hearts ‘burned within’ them as He unfolded the Scriptures and as He talked with them.
The entire passage demonstrated the six basic principles of research as posited by Mc Millan and Schumacher (2006), namely, questioning, theoretical link, direct investigation, reasoning, replication and generalization and professional scrutiny and critique. Significant questions were posed by Christ to the disciples. However, the disciples failed to pose any quality questions which would impact on their current knowledge. Further, the disciples, perhaps due to their emotional upheaval, which would certainly create bias in any research, were unable to understand the total context of the stranger. It is therefore always necessary to have a ‘conceptual framework’ with which research can be linked. Although Jesus used multiple methods to aid the disciples in discovering Him, they, on the other hand, ignored the use of methods which would have facilitated direct investigations. In addition, the disciples failed to use ‘coherent and explicit chain of reasoning’; ‘generalization’ to determine that it was Jesus in spite of the many customs of Jesus and no definite scrutiny of the situation was ever addressed until Jesus ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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