What It Takes To Become A Motocross Racer - Essay Example

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Formula one is arguably the most watched all across the globe very closely followed by Moto GP. Names life Hamilton and Valentino Rossi have become household names. There are other…
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What It Takes To Become A Motocross Racer
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22 July 2009 Goal ment: There are several forms of racing and majority of them are incredibly popular amongst the youth. Formula one is arguably the most watched all across the globe very closely followed by Moto GP. Names life Hamilton and Valentino Rossi have become household names. There are other forms of racing that aren’t as popular as the formula one or the Moto GP, one very prominent name amongst that group is Motocross. Several games have been made on this sport and many people know about this sport. The word Motocross attracts the immediate attention of the people and it is combination of two words namely Motorcycle and cross country. So the sport is all about a cross country race in which the participants ride on motorcycles. This outline will expansively present the jeopardy involved in this sport and in addition to this many other important factors will also be presented in this paper.
“Motocross was first known as a British off-road event called scrambling, which was an evolution of Trials events popular in northern Britain. The first known scramble took place at Camberley, Surrey in 1924.” ( History of Motocross). Free styling is arguably the most intriguing part of motocross, it is all about tricks performed by experts on a motorcycle and many people get intrigued by the various stunts performed by experts.
I. Motocross was first known as Scrambling
A. The sport engrossed several people in Europe and especially in Britain
1. Popularity of BSA grew with each passing day and they became the largest bike producing company
2. The sport grew by leaps and bounds after the second World War
B. A separate championship was declared for this sport in the year 1952
1. 500 CC engine displacement was used in that championship
2. 1957 it became World Championship
II. Motocross soon reached the US and Japan
A. Popularity grew in Japan and Suzuki made the most of it
1. They conquest the World Championship after it reached Japan
2. Explosive growth of the sport was also seen in the US
B. European Drivers proved their supremacy in the Sport
1. Riders from Belgium and Sweden hogged the limelight
2. European domination prevailed
III. Major Competitions
A. FIM Motocross World Championship (Motocross)
1. Held in Europe
2. Duration longer than 35 minutes
B. AMA Motocross Championship
1. Season usually begins in early May
2. Two major classes namely 250 cc and 450 cc
Motocross is a very exciting sport and the most intriguing part is undoubtedly the freestyle aspect of the sport. The sport has also witnessed some excruciating injuries and this is why it requires arduous practice. People who fail to practice may well end up losing their life should they choose to venture into motocross.
Vivid Impression
The sport is a very flamboyant sport and not all people can afford to participate in this sport. It requires great balance and a host of other integral qualities. The sport requires a lot of guts and relentless practice and this is why it is one of the most difficult sports.
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