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Research paper on drugstore retail management - Essay Example

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Many drug stores are affected by ethical issues, social issues, and health issues among others. The drugstores are defined as retailer’s…
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Research paper on drugstore retail management
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Download file to see previous pages Rational for Investigating: As the drugstores increase in numbers across the country, its important to ensure that even those that are yet to come will have a scheme for success that will have been established earlier on. Teamwork in any organization is very important and it can see the company improve drastically as in the case of Walgreens, CVs and Albertsons. The increased number of drug stores is very much intriguing, which from previous research imply that the use of teamwork is very efficient in achieving greater sales.
The Procedure: The research will be conducted via the library sources from which the mushrooming of drug stores and there strategic management will be explored by getting the answers to the following questions; - what determines the growth of drugstores; is teamwork a critical factor in growth of drugstores; how is the drugstore handling ethical issues. Some of the managers from successful drugstores will also be interviewed.
In An interview, the then manager and founder of Walgreen, Charles R Walgreen Himself in 1925 claimed that then success of any organization was wholly dependent on the manager’s character. The same sentiments are again echoed almost 100 years down the line. Daniel L Jorndt 75 years after later reiterates that the success of the company was due to a very long history of work, positive interaction among workers, and work ethics. The success of any organization depends entirely on the management. From such words, it becomes clear that the success of this company is due to basically the efforts of the management and the workers combined. Working as a team towards common goal is very critical. The drugstore business in the US is lead by big stores that use teamwork as a stepping stone to success; Walgreen, Albertsons and CVS.
Some people oppose that management is not fundamental claiming that Its very difficult to attribute the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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