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Human circadian rhythms - Essay Example

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Due to the difficulties in conducting the necessary experimental work, it remains unknown whether ~24-h changes in pathophysiology or symptoms of many diseases…
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Human circadian rhythms
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Extract of sample "Human circadian rhythms"

Download file to see previous pages The circadian cycle includes 24 hrs of the day. A person usually sleeps approximately 8 hrs and is awake for 16 hrs. Throughout the wakeful hours, mental and physical functions are most active and growth increases but during sleep, voluntary muscle activities fade away and metabolic rate, respiration, heart rate, body temperature, and blood pressure are reduced. The actions of the digestive system rise during the resting period, the activity of the urinary system decreases. It is evident that hormones secreted by the body, such as the stimulant epinephrine (adrenaline), are released to its maximum just two hours before awakening to prepare the body for activity (Encyclopedia Britannica). Hypothalamus is the chief control centre especially the Suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), part of the hypothalamus; it receives signals about light and dark from the retina of the eye. Cyclical fluctuations of melatonin are essential for maintaining a normal circadian rhythm. Induction of sleep is generated when melatonin binds to receptors in the SCN (Encyclopedia Britannica).
An understanding for the biological rhythms is fundamental part towards the perception of all aspects of life including death (Edery, 2000). Physiologic diurnal variation in cardiovascular system, heart rate and cardiac output plays an imperative role in finding the epidemiology of fatal cardiovascular events in the early hours of morning (Dunlap, 1999). It is manifested that diurnal variations are attributed to environmental stimuli or any kind of increase in sympathetic activity (Dunlap, 1999). It is evident that many features of cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology involve alterations in the expression of genes regulating metabolic and contractile function of the heart and vasculature (Edery, 2000).
In order to maintain homogeneous conditions of the body, all the biological processes must be maintained within physiologic boundaries. Failure to achieve a specific ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The importance of sleep as a biological rhythm, and finally the essay discusses the three different disorders that may result due to disruption of circadian rhythms.Sleep and Biological Rhythms Most of the functions in animals are cyclic, recurring over a period of time one after another. Some of the obvious examples are the sleep-wake cycle, metabolism and urination. The sleep-wake cycle normally repeats every 24 hours in human beings, and in some animals it is in the form of hibernation patterns that allows them to rest during the times of winter and keep awake during spring. The major discussions regarding biological rhythms are the internal clocks or mechanisms through which they work. This essay attempts to analyze these biol...
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Sleep also plays multiple roles as it coordinates the synaptic plasticity changes in the brain and changes in how genes are expressed as shown by studies in molecular changes in waking up and sleeping. Research has shown that most people do not have enough sleep in their daily lives and therefore suffer from numerous sleep disorders or for those who lack enough sleep experience daytime sleepiness that greatly interferes with their daily activities (Dijk 35). Some of the signs that a person is suffering from sleep disorders are irritability, disinhibition, moodiness which then develop into severe symptoms that include apathy, slowed speech and emotional responses that are flattened or may have lapses in attention or hallucinations...
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It was significant to note that in this study 25% of the subjects presented arrhythmic Circadian Rhythm patterns and had a shorter life span by 50% compared to the animal subjects with normal circadian cycles.
Kumar, Mohan and Kumar-Sharma (2005) in their study further found that the arrhythmic patterns found in the test group also had a correlation to the reproductive success of the mature species with 40% less than their rhythmic counterparts successfully producing viable offspring. The authors noted that although the study did not investigate the causal effects of this it does indicate that further study is necessary. It does, however, demonstrate that the circadian rhythm plays an integral, if not fully understood, role...
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... Introduction to Psychology 25 November 2009 Circadian Rhythms Sleep is the of consciousness experienced as a part of 24-hour life cycle bringing about comfort and relaxation from the days hard work. Sleep can be divided into rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) that regulate the maintenance of sleep-wake cycle which is the most important bodily rhythm. There are various bodily rhythms categorized mainly into biological or physiological rhythms and psychological rhythms which have major impact on human behavior. The biological or physiological rhythms are controlled by internal biological clocks including (1) Annual cycles: Humans experiencing certain seasonal variations possess mood alterations especially during...
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... Molecular Basis of Circadian Rhythms The timing of sleep and wakefulness (circadian rhythm) has long been studiedby molecular biologists. Some researchers and experts of the field stated that this cycle is natural to our brain structures while others claimed that it started with an organism’s gene or cell, the basic unit of life. Other studies also stressed out that the circadian rhythms follow a certain pathway – either through interlocked feedback loops or inter-genic feedback loops. Experts are still investigating the circadian clock as this will help greatly in human’s health, behavior, and attainment of quality life. In a fast growing world where travelling is essential to many individuals, jet lag is a common denominator among...
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... for the circadian clock in human. While the light is taken to be the most common stimulus for entraining mammalian circadian rhythms, to local environment time, social stimuli is also commonly cited as zeitbers.Social stimuli affects circadian behavior programme by the regulation of the period and phase of circadian clocks, by the influence of daily patterns of exposure to light or modulation of input to the clock, or by the use of associative processes of learning that make use of circadian time as a conditioned or discriminative stimulus. Good evidence exists to show that social stimulus can work as Zeitgebers. In most species maternal signs are usually the basic zeitgeber before weaning takes place. Adults of certain species can...
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The employee was sent to HR for a final briefing where he mentioned that he had been requesting a change in the shift for the last few weeks he has to attend to his ailing father. His superior continuously ignored the request. The employee was skill and aptitude tested and reassigned to a different project.
This is a small incident where an HR professional can play a vital role. An organization is also constantly looking for such solutions from its Human Resource Department. It is this expertise and skill, which a budding professional from any institute should be equipped.
Such valuable certification programs initiated by the Human Resource Department surely help build a successful organization. The Human resource depart...
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Notably, management professionals would agree, HRM system is an integration of various management practices with ‘people’ at its prime focus (Jackson, Schuler & Werner, 2008); and, the common factor between business organisations and educational institutions is ‘people,’ although their goals differ. This could be one main reason for attempting to implement HRM in educational institutions, although it is customized to organisational benefit.

Halachmi’s (2002a) extensive analysis on performance measurement clearly indicates the need for performance measurement in order to achieve the goals; and, it, in turn, establishes targets aligned to organisational goals and expectations; makes evalu...
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Effects of Circadian Rhythm

Word lists were used and a five-minute memory test in which the participants had to write down all the words they could remember. The participants were then given reading to distract them and they went back to write down the words they remembered again later. The testing was done at 9 am in the morning and at 9 pm in the evening. These times gave us representations of the responses from "morning" people and "evening " people. Outcomes told us that for morning people there was not a lot of difference but in the case of evening people, there was a lot of difference.

Sleep and wakefulness occur in a cyclic manner and are integrated into the twenty-four-hour light-dark cycle in a day. The circadian time system is to provid...
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This report will aim at critically evaluating the role of human networks in knowledge creation and knowledge sharing within Patni Computer Systems Ltd. (Patni). For this purpose, an extensive literature review will be undertaken and various theories pertaining to human resource management will be made use of....
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The painting...
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Positivism is a scientific method of inquiry-based on facts rather than on opinions and attitudes. In positivism, there is a belief that the world exists externally and that the objective method of measurement should be used. This implies that only knowledge that is measurable is “valid” and hence the epistemology of positivism is connected with quantitative methods of research. Interpretivism is the qualitative approach through which it is possible to understand the subjective reality. Through interpretivism, it would be possible to make sense of the data collected and achieve the goals of the research.

Any research is a methodical study on a particular subject, which uses facts and figures. The research st...
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The most recognized growth indicators of a nation have been GDP. Since HDI is a composite statistic gathered from data on life expectancy, education and GDP per capita, which are measured in three separate units, it faces serious criticisms. This project is meant to highlight the criticisms faced by HDI being used as an indicator of economic development against GDP, which has been so far the most widely used indicator of economic development. But it also takes the other aspects like, life expectancy at birth, literacy rates and living standards which are not considered by the growth index.

“Human Development Index is a summary measure of human development. It measures the average achievements in a country in three...
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Is the Optional Protocol to the Rights of Child an Instrument of Human Rights or an Instrument of Humanitarian Law

The Optional Protocol is an amendment to an earlier Convention, the Convention on the Rights of the Child. This earlier convention states that children younger than 15 may not take a direct part in hostilities and that children younger than 15 may not be drafted into military service. (Convention on the Rights of the Child, pp. 10-11). Therefore, the Optional Protocol essentially amends Article 38 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, raising the age from 15 to 18 on the matters of direct involvement in hostilities and being conscripted into service.

The Optional Protocol and Article 38 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child were necessitated by the fact that children participate in conflicts directly by b...
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Relation to Circadian Rhythm

... Circadian Rhythms The human body is one vastly affected by various natural phenomena in the contemporary environment. Themanner in which it is affected has become a source of fascination for many people across different cultures over the years. The interested groups of people have sought to engage in a much deeper understanding of the phenomena and this has got to a point that they have published books that have sought to enlighten people on these issues. One of the acclaimed authors with this respect is Karen Thomson Walker. The Age of Miracles is a major book that has engaged in understanding the various phenomena and the effects that they have on human beings. Circadian Rhythms is an example of a topic that the author discusses deeply...
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