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3 English Assignments - Assignment Example

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Once the physic obstacle is removed, vectors clearly come into focus. This paper will be used to help a non-mathematical audience can understand…
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3 English Assignments
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"3 English Assignments"

Download file to see previous pages Below examples of all five definitions, this will hopefully help everyone understand vectors.
Scalars are quantities that can only be measured. Temperature and time are examples of a scalar. Examples of time being measured would be a child’s word per minute (wpm). Supposes Child X reads 118 wpm. The equation for this example would be:
This equation states velocity equals 17 meters per second. That is the measurement of velocity, but velocity has another part. Velocity also has direction. To correctly state velocity one must state an object is travelling 17m/s South. The measurement of velocity is called speed. Thus velocity is made up of direction and speed. Velocity is a quantity that can be defined as a vector.
Directions as defined in relation to vectors are as seen on a compass; North, South, West, and East. In order to be considered a vector, the object must be going a direction that can be seen on the compass. If an individual is unsure if a quantity qualifies as a scalar or vector, just question if the quantity is heading a direction that can be mapped on a compass like the one below.
The compass is separated into 360°. Right angles are between each direction (N,S,E,W). North and South are separated by 180°. Thus vectors are given a specific direction. Examples can be written two ways:
The easiest way to explain this concept is the 30° North of East is 30° of the arrow from the East sign to the North sign or 60° North to the East side. The directions are 90° for each four sections of the compass.
Vectors are quantities that have measure and direction. A bicycle, ball, car, and other objects can be measured and follow a compass direction. Vectors are symbolized as arrows and points. Below is an example of a vector.
Vectors are simply something that can be measured with direction that can be tracked on the compass. Vectors are extremely important in physics. Vectors can be “acceleration, force, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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3 English Assignments Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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