Environmental problems and Air Pollution Problems - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Air pollution is defined by the European Environment Agency as the existence “contaminant or pollutant substances in the air” in such intensity that it intervenes with “human health or welfare, or produces other harmful environmental effects” (Air Pollution, 2009, para…
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Environmental problems and Air Pollution Problems
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RUNNING HEAD: ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS AND AIR POLLUTION PROBLEMS Environmental Problems and Air Pollution Problems School Environmental problems and Air Pollution Problems
Air pollution is defined by the European Environment Agency as the existence “contaminant or pollutant substances in the air” in such intensity that it intervenes with “human health or welfare, or produces other harmful environmental effects” (Air Pollution, 2009, para. 1). It is primarily caused by the use of fossil fuels, the main process in producing electricity, the heating system and the motorized transportation system (Air Pollution, 2009). The major air pollution problems are as follows: air quality, acid rain, global warming and depletion of the ozone (Air Pollution, n.d.). Air pollution exists because of man, his activities and the technologies he invented to make life more convenient. For instance, air quality deteriorated along with the rise of industrialization. Smog, a mixture of fog and coal smoke (to provide warmth during winter) (Air Pollution, n.d.), is one factor that affects air quality. Acid rain refers to acid precipitation (e.g. snow, hail, rain) resulting from the interaction sulphuric and nitric acids (from oxides of sulphur and nitrogen) with the atmosphere (Air Pollution, n.d.). In like manner, forest denudation and excessive use of fossil fuels increased the greenhouse gases that resulted to global warming with a 0.6 percent rise in temperature within a century (Air Pollution, n.d.). Global warming caused the melting of polar caps and possible extinction of some animal species.
Since humans caused air pollution and have recognized the danger it presents to life and the environment, they should slowly minimize the application and use of technology or engage in activities that contribute to air pollution. It might not be possible to totally halt the use of some technology since it will adversely affect life (e.g. transportation, manufacturing). If such technology is still used, ways should be developed so as to dampen negative emissions (e.g. filter to block obnoxious chemicals being released into the atmosphere or purify polluted liquids from factories). Everyone should take part in eradicating pollution. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), being non-flammable and non-toxic, are greatly utilized as coolant in commercial and industrial settings (Chlorofluorocarbons, n.d.). Studies reveal that CFCs, and compounds that contain chlorine and bromine, released into the stratosphere deplete the ozone layer (Chlorofluorocarbons, n.d.). Besides the traditional alternative sources of power and energy (solar, wind, water), other sources that could be maximized to dampen pollution are: geothermal power (utilizes heat from magma), wave power (from surface waves of the sea), tidal energy (conversion of energy from tides into electricity), and bio-fuel or biodiesel (biomass). These sources are collectively referred to as green energy.
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