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Discuss the different issues related to IT-enhanced firm performance - Essay Example

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Technology has changed the way people interact and conduct business. Information technology (IT) is applied in different aspects of business which includes Inventory management system, sales force administration, human…
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Discuss the different issues related to IT-enhanced firm performance
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Extract of sample "Discuss the different issues related to IT-enhanced firm performance"

Download file to see previous pages Technology can become the main source of sustainable competitive advantage and a strategic weapon especially in the hospitality industry (Buhalis & Main, 1998).
Information plays a pivotal role in the description, promotion, distribution, amalgamation, organization and delivery of hospitality and tourism products (Main, 2002). Technology can offer advantages in the management of operations, in the delivery of services and also be useful as a strategic support system. It helps in forming strategic alliances, in developing strategic distribution methods, communicating with customers and partners, and satisfying consumer demand.
Camisón (2000) contends that there are two approaches to introducing IT into business – the first focuses on the introduction and management of IT and the second is the management of the systems that use IT. There is abundance of information available in any business and through IT business re-engineering is possible which can help to enhance the intra-organizational information systems. Markets have become turbulent which enhances the need for managers to be able to predict change. There is a need for information and information has become a strategic resource which can give a firm competitive advantage. Hence the role of IT has to be strategic so that it can back the management functions. The information systems should allow effective measurement and monitoring of the strategic factors. It has been found that firms that take up IT as an asset and dedicate specific resources to the information system have achieved their business goals. Hence information and technologies that optimize its management should become the main resource used by the administration. This also help to free up resources – mostly people – who can devote their time and attention to focus on other jobs that add value to business. To increase competitive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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