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The Uniqueness of the Hospitality Industry and CSR Strategy - Article Example

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The article takes a balanced approach the highlights both the merits and demerits of the hospitality industry in Hawaii. Particularly, the writer focusses on the poor CSR policies that have encouraged the subjugation of the interests of the natives…
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The Uniqueness of the Hospitality Industry and CSR Strategy
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Extract of sample "The Uniqueness of the Hospitality Industry and CSR Strategy"

Download file to see previous pages The article is consistent with studies that have established that tourism firms have adopted a minimalist model in their application of the CSR programs in a manner that fails to connect the practices with the concerns of the locals. According to the scholars, the perspectives adopted are consistent with the assumptions regarding the low levels of power wielded by the natives as stakeholders (Luciano, 2010). Political developments, according to the researchers, will bring about radical changes in power by giving the people of the islands greater bargaining power on matters that engage the interest of the stakeholders. On this score, it might be argued that some of the issues that relate to the development of tourism are anchored on the relationship between the investors and the developments. The ratification of the Akaka bill was expected to give the native more power to determine the usage of land and the manner in which it could be appropriated for tourism development activities. Lack of concern for the interests of the native people has led some developers to destroy ancestral burial sites despite protests from the locals. Good CSR practices require the attention of the developers to the cultural values, interests, and assets of the people. Companies operating in Hawaii have been blamed of engaging in superficial and piecemeal developments that do not affect significantly on the interests of the local communities. In this regard, it becomes necessary to consider the fact that some of the issues that relate to the development of the industry relate directly to the interests of the natives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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