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Learning plan 1500 work(assignmnet 2) - Essay Example

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In the Surgical ward, the nurses deliver care to the patients who undergo surgery. As a result, the care delivered involves preoperative and perioperative care. Following the surgery, once…
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Learning plan 1500 work(assignmnet 2)
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Download file to see previous pages It encompasses the preoperative phase, preanaesthetic checkup, psychological support, explanation of the procedure, nausea and vomiting prophylaxis, preparation of the patient, pain relief, postoperative monitoring, and postoperative care. Thus this should also involve nursing care in the preoperative phase and late postoperative phase (Riley and Peters, 2000).
A patient who intends to receive surgical care, in most cases surgery is the last resort. Where alternatives are available, these patients usually go through nonoperative measures, until a stage reaches when the surgeon advises surgery. Surgery although very sophisticated in the present era of technological advancement, is a mutilative procedure, and consequently, most patients have apprehension about the procedure. The patients who present are usually patients with general surgical conditions, such as, appendectomy, cholecystectomy, hiatal hernia, inguinal hernia, intestinal diseases, thyroidectomy, so on and so forth. Before the surgery, the surgeons undertake investigations for fitness of anesthesia, and they explain in detail about the procedure. A preanesthetic checkup is done. On the day of surgery, the patients are advised to remain in empty stomach, and they are given certain preoperative medications (Willman and Johnsson, 1994).
Research has suggested that nursing can play important roles in both pre and perioperative care. Preoperative apprehension and anxiety have been attributed to be playing important roles in incidence of perioperative nausea and vomiting, which can be very distressing and may even continue into the immediate postoperative phase leading to aggravation of postoperative pain and discomfort (Malen, 1986). Nurses through their empathic communication skill cam assess this situation, and they can explain the situation with greater detail with an attempt to answer all the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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